A Society with Heart and Mind

Sometimes it is the heart that needs to comes to awareness, sometimes it is the mind. We should be comforting to either kind of individual that’s looking for help. Even those that aren’t looking for it can be helped. Those that don’t want help need to take the time to find out on their own. We’re happier together. No one really wins out over anyone else.

That’s just how people want you and want to think in order to excuse a greedy world. Sure, everyone has their talents or their strong points but no one persons can make the world themselves. Together we make sense of things, divided we feel alone and lost. It’s very self-explanatory but why aren’t we seeing life that way? Are people that bad? No, they are currently listening and taking in from sources that will not sustain their mind, body or heart. We can try to fix the situation. Trust, we have enough violence and war. It is literally the opposite of that which will save the world this time.

Questions and Comments

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