Addictions and habits are related to psycho-spiritual trauma

Opiate, alcohol, and certain other chemical addictions or habits are related to a lower psycho-spiritual layer of progression. The habits are an effort to satiate and overload that area of the brain in order to resist the effects of the certain traumas which still exist in mind and require healing and acknowledgement of in order to progress. Other chemicals, addictions, or habits relate to even higher layers of progression and are still indications of previous trauma at that layer or lower which is delaying progression.

Delayed progression is experienced as any lack of internal completion and full presence and awareness here and now. The spiral of influence from this internal state leads to the perception becoming manifest in daily life. This then can lead to a desire to manipulate one’s reality or brain chemicals in order to create the perception of that fulfillment.
The even bigger problem is that these chemicals can work, just like any medicine. If they are taken and utilized in a medicinal environment with trained, approved therapists and psycho-spiritual healers, then the entire population could be actively healed. Instead people are forced to self-medicate, without even knowing the reasons they are being drawn to these kinds of situations or habits and then others make a profit off of their ignorance.


It’s a psycho-spiritual filtration system that has been developed to surround all potential spiritual progression and profit off of delaying it.
Only when people realize that they are the sole provider of their own spiritual progression will they be able to free themselves from the continual folly of habitually believing that the answer to our internal presence exists through some combination or massing of physical goods.


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