Carrying Traumatic Memory and Release

Carrying traumatic memory without first going through the full-on acknowledgement phase of shock and mourning a loss will delay the integration of lessons learned. This delay will cause the “symptoms” of the traumatic memory, like emotional or memory distortions and misunderstood fears or perceptions. These will manifest in personality and life yet without conscious access to the memories the reasons will remain unknown and the solution will be invisible.

Reliving and re-acknowledging the repressed memories allows the individual to process the information and make the necessary adjustments which were previously avoided. Refusing only creates the illusion of lack of change that we choose to accept over the uncomfortable truth about our selves or the situation.When people resist change that is already present, that will build up to a pressure point until the necessary change will break through the ‘weakest link’ in the belief system. If we resist to the degree that the entire belief system is aimed away from accepting the truth, then ultimately the entire belief system will have to fail before the truth is realized. This is kind of like resisting the desire to loosen a tense muscle. The tension will increase and increase until now a whole region of the body is tense.

Emotional therapy, memory release, and emotional release are some names of this form of healing. A free-flowing yet steady continuity of emotional, mental, and physical balance indicates a healthy/clear spirit. Where there is resistance to that free-flowing essence there is a pain or a delay in that flow of consciousness. Repressed memories are how we learn to accept our insecurities and live with them instead of unlocking the emotional and mental content behind those insecurities and learning from them thus rendering them a ‘security’ of the personality. When the energy field or mind contains the effects of traumatic events they act like scars in the emotional spectrum of the personality.

These frequencies of emotions and their memories have to be worked through and fully experienced in order to become acknowledged consciously for the first time. When this happens the intensity of the memory experience may be similar to the actual event. Being able to work with the information and integrate into constructive change is the unlocking of that repressed emotional and mental energy by the conscious mind so that it can be put to use.

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