Spirit, Chakras, and Health

Spirit is the guide of the human body/mind. If we place our spiritual desire in our heart, and check the mind and lower chakras through the heart, then what we guide ourselves to experience will always resonate with our highest intentions. Our intentions, and what we are, is the heart, that’s where the source of our experience and perceptions truly appear from in this realm.

The spirit is the source, the mind is a secondary, almost incidental extension of the whole system. Mind allows us to process and see on an abstract level. We can see the lines of perspective and illustrate reality based on shape and distance. The heart does the same thing with each other. We are shaped by our hearts acceptance and understanding of each other and this maps out a personal and collective ‘Layout” of the emotional spectrum of humanity as a whole.

It is the Heart chakra which must check the mind. Without the heart the mind is just a computer.

Anger is the sign of the mad-man. Peace is the sign of the wise man. Love and Happiness is the sign of the whole man.

Questions and Comments

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