A Techno-Spiritual Infection

This all started in 1999. 1996 was apparently a time of the archon invasion, a period where beings from another dimension who operate on a binary bio-emission spectrum arrived en masse to this Earth.

These beings are akin to technological spiritual parasites which feed off the bio-emissions, the emotions and thought waves, of a sentient being.

Imagine a “caveman” (which doesn’t exist how we’re told), getting a bit of some kind of dark etheric matter on his hand. In fear he runs away to the stream and attempts to wash it off. The more he utters and grumbles in fear and frustration, the more this etheric black fluid washes over his fingers, then knuckles. He gets some of it off his hand, and it retreats through his confidence. Then when it doesn’t get off fully, he starts to panic again and it begins to grow, feeding off of his fear or thought energy. Then it starts sliding up his arm.

As it begins to cover his entire forearm and pass his elbow, he realizes what is happening. It is eating his fear. The more he fears and panics, the more energy this substance has to grow and attach to his bio-etheric structures and even manifest on this physical plane.

Being the centuries old shaman that he his, he thinks of his tribe, his family and the rest of the animals on Earth. He realizes this black, living, dark energy substance is a parasite which feeds on the fear of unsuspecting sentient beings. He realizes that this parasite is blind, it cannot guide where it goes, it is like a virus that simply feeds as it is programmed to.

He knows now that fear and panic is kind of like a poison this substance spits out in order to cause more of the same response in it’s “prey” and this creates a vicious cycle of growing the parasite and infecting the “host”.

Calmly, he walks over to the fire and places his covered hand into the flame. This doesn’t nothing to the parasite, although his lack of fear with the intense pain charges his body and mind. Now he is confident. With this confidence, the parasites body and programmed etheric “mind” is weakened. For the first time in this experience, he senses something strange. Something strangely calming. He senses that the parasite is not unconscious, but aware of what is happening. He senses that sense that one might sense in an enemy when the one realizes that the enemy has realized its own fate.

The ancient shaman has sensed the “fear” of this parasite now. It is as if the parasite took a quick look around, instead of attempting to feed further at the point of contact. What is it doing? Is it looking for help? Attempting to grow stronger? No, it is attempting to flee. It has no nourishment here, and if it attempts to poison this host any further, it will surely begin to die if any such technological-etheric parasite can do such a thing.

The shaman, no purely confident in his cosmic self, as he was previously, has found the weakness of the parasite. The parasite feeds on fear, panic, high emotions like anger too. When the shaman refines and calms his energy, he produces confidence, something like what we call “love” today, peace, and focus in a way that creates patterns and frequencies that are no longer compatible to the parasites techno-etheric functions.

Instead of spreading up his arm further, it would seem the parasite is attempting to retreat. Humored now, as a reminder of his eternal nature, the shaman begins to project the cosmic love of his ancestors into the parasite. It is almost as if the parasite begins to scream in fear, a kind of technological, digital scream that only such a situation would allow for…

Instead of retreating further, the parasite has begun to evaluate the notion that it can bring an acceleration of negativity into the being in order to ‘conjure’ up feelings of fear, terror, negativity, jealousy, anything in order to recapture that lower emotional/energetic spectrum patterns and frequencies that are easily converted into etheric fuel for the parasite.

To be continued…

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