On Orgone Energy

Orgone devices produce a scattered signal which disrupts the ‘negative’ energy fields. At least this is what I’ve been told.

Apparently if built correctly it will either disrupt the negative emf/harmonics or it will produce positive harmonics, IE: Orgone energy. Orgone energy is the raw energy of life, while dead orgone, DOR, is the lack of orgone energy and can be “found” (the lack of orgone) in thunder storms and illness or depression.

This is exactly what I was told. We are generators for the same energy, and with the correct principles of energy and internal knowledge combined we can produce
those very effects at will.

This can be related to Dan Winter’s work on Fractal Field Implosion The energy of the mind creates a central vortex within the body. When the frequency pattern emission is consistent with fractal congruence, then that holographic printing of energy can be expanded or shrunk infinitesimally and it will retain the original fractal configuration.

This is what enables transference of awareness between fundamental harmonic layers of the Universe. When one’s consciousness energy pattern is balanced and tuned to itself so that all proportions can be shrunk through a vortex and expanded on the other side, then the personality or self-awareness remains true. This is as if the space/time must turn inside out and only when there is fractal relative polarity in time does the ‘shape’ of the consciousness within the DNA, work both ways folding and unfolding to represent the same mirror image. This is also symmetry in time as far as an ability to reverse the perception and still retain some kind of connection forward and backwards.



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