The Shift of The Ages

What I feel I’ve learned is that when this shift happens, it has to be in a safe, peaceful manner where all those people know how to calmly assess the situation and not feed into fear.

If people get emotionally unstable they are easy to control (read: manipulate). People must be fearless, that doesn’t mean anything but make sure that there is a world for people to come to when all of this goes down.

How people are going to eat, the food, the water, the oil. This is real and it is how humanity has been kept in a cage. They keep all the resources and give us a little bit here and there. Without that, the masses out there have no food and water. Now, what about those people?

I am the same as you. I am simply pushing so that those millions of people out there with not a care about this either have enough food to survive.

The truth wants to be known, knowledge is living and making itself known through certain people.

Monetary Situation

Release of Advanced Technology


Mental Manipulation Technology

Revealing The Deceptive System

Revealing Secret Operations

Earth History and Time

Time, Space, Consciousness

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