Humanity’s Situation on Earth Part 3: Detoxing and Solutions

Aug Tellez
This is how temporal operations are so effective. These are technological operations that utilize the dream state and translocating the consciousness out of the body in order to produce desired results/programming. This can even be used to entirely create a dream-state that will then be turned into a skit or controlled scenario that will be played out for the individual.

Beautiful Person

so what we need to do is detox…what else ?

Aug Tellez
That is the start that is basically the beginning of the rest. Our body will reflect what we eat and allow around us. The body is what we eat, the soul is what we see and feel/experience.

After we control what we eat and what we do with our bodies, what goes in and out. Then we can choose to participate in the activities of our lives without half-awareness.

This half-awareness comes from being forced to do things that disconnect the spirit and soul from the body and program us to destroy the Earth, ourselves or each other. This is the mental destruction.

For this we must diet, detox, rest, exercise and induce spiritual progress through refining and acknowledging the true self within. That is acknowledging our thoughts and emotions and balancing them so that our vibratory spectrums and energies are not out of balance.

A person produces a natural energy field when they are healthy, this field as a spiritual/mental immune system and protects and cleans the soul, mind and body.

We have to uplift ourselves out of the lower dimension which is the physical Earth overlayed with spiritual “hell” programming.

Aug Tellez
This is through knowledge and pure awareness. The body is the most dense. The mind and emotions are subtler and more refined energies. The soul is even more refined but it still locked in to imprints from this physical plane and time spent here. The spirit is the highest form of awareness and has only an eternal state and perspective.

We get in touch with the spirit, the spirit is present as a child, the spiritual body is intact. Through toxic foods, toxic activities and timeline disruptions, implants, trauma, and participating in spiritual stagnation or ignorance, the spiritual body is weakened.

Beautiful Person
how will any of this help the more dire situations though.

Aug Tellez
You are on the belief that “love and light” is programming to allow people to stand by and allow the worst.

I can only tell you that we create what we experience.

“Lust and light” is part of this dimension of illusion.

Spirit is of “etheric-liquid” light which is not “phase-interlocked” based on the axial spin of quantum particles in this dimension.

Essentially, the light that we “see” with eyes is physical light, electronic and not related to the true spiritual light of the original realm.

They cannot touch you unless you allow them to.

You cannot stand strong in your spiritual will if you are allowing toxins and implants into the body.

Every action is speech and communication; commandments.

If we say, “no! back! *stab stab* get out of here demon!*

And then go eat their food, watch their shows, worship their gods, pay for their operations, and vote for their people. It’s like saying, “haaha, psyche y’all! Just playing, c’mon right inside!”

Verbal communication and commanding one’s presence and free-will is half the situation.

Actually living by it is the other half.

Timecodes and toxic/implant codes are in the food, air and water, we merely have to attempt to protect ourselves and thy will be done.

They are astral entities that coalesce and produce physical form through the fear that they absorb from sentient beings.

Aug Tellez
The only thing you defend yourself from is a human, and as long as other humans are there a woman should not have to defend herself in a war such as that/this, physically. Although, that isn’t to say that women shouldn’t be aware and not walk down a dark alley in the Bronx at night. That’s just common sense.

This is spiritual sense. They are using spiritual law to bend the rules and the humans are enslaving themselves through the programming that has been dropped down through the dimensions from these artificial realms where these people have been living for thousands of years plotting on how to get the humans.

They need soul essence and spiritual essence to survive and so they do not exist if people focus on creating the truth.

What you are looking for, “but how do I make this PHYSICALLY happen.”

Beautiful Person
so …

Aug Tellez
Well, for one there is no physical, but if you do not know or acknowledge this, then yes you will feel that this is all there is. The more your awareness increases and you clean the body, the mind, the soul, and then the spirit is free from distortions to be experienced by you, then you will see there is no way to be trapped.

Aug Tellez

What has to happen is that people demand the truth.

Silence is Consent.

So if people are all like, “hey yea, F the overlord system.”

And then they go and do all those things I described, no one is going to believe them but themselves and anyone else they managed to trick through their ignorance of spiritual and Universal law which is simply the truth of how things work.

If people say one thing and do another, which of their actions/commandments are to be taken seriously?

The actions, surely.


People must disconnect from this artificial, false-light, distorted timeline, toxic matrix system.

Then they are to peacefully join hands, minds and spiritual efforts and literally state to the system, I DO NOT GIVE YOU MY CONSENT, YOU DO NOT HAVE MY CONSENT, then they must DEMAND THE TRUTH.

If these measures are met. Then it would be a destructive act against the entire Universe for someone to attempt to overcome the free-will of an entire planet.

Beautiful Person
yes…well i agree that actions speak louder than words.

Aug Tellez
People are the strongest hope, their strongest hope, they are merely tricked into debilitating themselves and giving their power away.

That is the entire situation in a few words.

It’s about physical and energetic poisoning/distortion and people tricking themselves or allowing themselves to be tricked into allowing this and giving their power away.

If we purify the self and commit to purity and send that message to the Universe and each other, as well as stand up and go, “WHAT!? I’m not gonna vote for another round of this, watch tv? what!!!?!? YOU DO NOT HAVE MY CONSENT, I DEMAND THE TRUTH (secret projects, criminal acts and stuff)

That is the detoxing of Earth and Humanity. Nothing can stop it.

I’ve seen this before.

I need to get this information out and I believe you acted as a supreme catalyst for this process!

If you stand in your power, command over your realm, body, mind and soul, and demand the truth about each topic you are ready to handle and work towards the truth with (without overwhelming) then you receive healing.

Trust in yourself.

Your self*

Beautiful Person
Ok……another last………………….so are you saying that the entities at the cloning station are basically demons ….albeit given form by our own energies?

Aug Tellez
Ultimately, for most truth. It is sacred geometry. You look and see how space, time, and consciousness fits together and shapes and everything. Then you see that there can only be higher-dimensional truth and that we are spirits having a physical experience.

To a degree yes.

They sustain themselves off of negativity, but we did not directly create them.

Basically humans delving into the secret knowledge and advanced technology without the proper spiritual protection, guidance and intentions is what did it.

Basically over masculinity poisons.

Poisoning*, of the planetary spirit complex.

“Hey, yea let’s mess with that. Maybe we can make a bomb with it. Sure, because making bombs is great and blowing each other up makes a lot of sense.”

Masculinity poisoning.

They want to push for an overly feminine age next because that will similarly throw the balance off to create another masculine come-around after.

Balance is the answer.

(edit) moving to either end induces instability

Beautiful Person
so then u dont believe that the cloning [center situation] is actually taking place ?

Aug Tellez
Depends on how you look at it.

Physical bodies have been cloned and consciousness is sent between them.

There are entire societies of clones.

It is not the same way a human soul and spirit actually works however.

I can tell you feel confused, but be happy, you now know more than most.

All will become aligned as humanity progresses and removes the toxins.

We are actually from “The all”.

Beautiful Person
i must have an awful lot of toxins or else im just thick

cos im very confused here

Aug Tellez
Nope, just been here listening to people.

It will do that.

These people want to control. Nothing more can be said, about who, or where, or why or how. It’s simply confusing because of that. Other than that, we are from the All, and to come from the all into physicality, that in itself is a little confusing.

No blame, no negativity, no hate, no bs.

They feed on that.

And for that programming that says, “hey yall, they’re just lying, they want you to sit around and just get hurt and stuff”.

Well, I will be able to look at that person and find whether they are in control of their minds or not.

I will fast with that person and they will experience a die off and intestinal problems as the toxins work their way out.

Simple as that.

So in other words, I’m saying everything else still must be done too, just not war. We have to STAND UP to the system and take our power back and our FREE-WILL and SELF-RIGHT and DEMAND the truth.

Beautiful Person
how can u tell they have implants just by looking at them ?

Aug Tellez
In order to get to that point we have to detox because saying, “I want the truth, I demand that you stop poisoning us” and then going and poising our selves and denying ourselves the truth is LYING. it is FAKE. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THAT.

Because I have the ability to tell when people are attempting to sell me bullshit in the form of an apple pie.

Simple as that.

In other words.

Say someone says, “oh no, can’t be, he’s just telling you that so you get hurt.”

And then that person eats the toxic food, watches the toxic BS, and always responds in hate and fear effectively giving their power away.”

Who is bsing you? Me, or them?

The person who wants you to give your power away and also ironically, is giving their power away.

It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about the intentions and knowledge, who’s fighting FOR humanity instead of AGAINST nature.

Humanity is a part of nature, mind you, be aware.

They say we are not, but we are.

The Earth is your Grandma.

She is kind.

She will not kick you out because you are confused.

Those who have knowingly hurt Her, however, will have to stop and are.


She speaks and will continue to.

You can witness all of this by simply looking around and putting together how humanity went from in sync with nature, to here, it is through technological mental, and physical manipulation.

For instance, this is just as much humanity as our comfy houses and chairs.

That is the true church, a group of humans beyond social classes. Social classes are the prison bars.

Connected by love, not by fear or technology.

This is why it is said not to eat with your enemies. Because energies combine and as well, the Earth will see you as family with them.

Sounds strange? It is true. Earth doesn’t see from a physical level, it sees from an Earth level/spiritual. We see from the spiritual/Earth level, we see with the Earth.

The Earth is what this is all about. It is a spiritual place and if we physically and emotionally pollute it then we get treated similarly.

Same with animals. If we abuse animals and destroy their peace, then it is like saying, “THIS IS EXACTLY, 100%, ALL THE WAY, HOW I WANT TO LIVE AND WHAT I WANT DONE TO ME.”

They tricked the majority of people to live this way, in disruption of nature, so that they will look like the negative ones and thus reap those responses from the Universe.

In this way, they take others into their realm.

This process is the sealing off and finalizing of those realms, those artificial timelines.

We are alive now, at the final progression of this physical nightmare.

This is power and truth, not fear. Earth is inherently a paradise.

Everything we have had up to this point has been fear, and lack of power. This is power.

They lied to get us to this point, possibly for protection and preservation of world security. Now the truth comes out.

Beautiful Person
ok….well thanks for ur patience…i will try absorb what u have said. and I will probably plague u with a lot more questions

Aug Tellez
I feel compelled to post this conversation.

I will help all I am able to help with.

Beautiful Person
u mean post it publicly ?

Aug Tellez
Yes on my page and around anywhere people can benefit. I can remove your name. Or remove the majority of your questions.

Beautiful Person
ok….maybe remove my name…cos im not sure about all of this yet.

Aug Tellez

And I may remove some of my more challenging experiences. All in the ebb and flow of learning.

Thank you for acting as a catalyst to pull this information out.

Beautiful Person
i understand.

Aug Tellez
By that I mean maybe the comment of, “I have lived it for thousands of years.”

I don’t have to confuse people to get the truth across, although the truth will confuse people at first. I can minimize that.

Beautiful Person
i want to get to the bottom of things…..yes…wow…very confusing to be honest..

all pretty new to me…tho ive heard santos bonacci say some similar things

Aug Tellez

(Next posts posted simultaneously.)

Beautiful Person
about the detox stuff but he talks about oils in the body

not sure but that as we advance…oils are released and eventually lead to enlightenment

Aug Tellez
Yes. Essential oils? And here’s a real TRIP. When the body fasts and the whole system is purified it PRODUCES it’s own etheric-liquid light from the spiritual realm.

Ahhh, well we read each others minds. Not really though. :J

That is the sacred process that has been convoluted and covered up for millenia.

People are naturally activating now and being born with the ability. So they realize this is the end of the control system.

Beautiful Person
…interesting to hear that

Aug Tellez
If people have this purity. They can snap their fingers and clear the oceans and the skies. They know this.

Beautiful Person
so the thing about chakras is true?

Aug Tellez
It’s up to you to decide.

Beautiful Person


Aug Tellez
They are telling us, most likely, tainted information. For instance I was told that by
“visualizing” the traditional spiral pattern chakra systems that it is the REVERSAL of the original system which is like a tight CLOSED loop.

Essentially, by making our “Chakras” out to be these portals flowing in and out, then those temporal operators have access to coming in and shifting stuff around, planting implants, etc.

It’s like everything is a trick.

Does that mean it’s all not real?

That would be like saying because they say it’s a ball Earth, or no no no, it’s a flat Earth. “Meh, there is no Earth. This isn’t real.” And just sitting down in a hole somewhere.

No, something is definitely happening, energy is definitely real. It’s just about how we’re going to work with that.

All I know is, detoxing is key.

Now about floating around out of body and opening chakras, all of that? I see that as a potential trap.

Merely detoxing, and purifying, taking control and physically stating what we want, committing to it through our actions and then demanding the truth as an aware people.

The rest will be healed naturally, we don’t need to astral project to go do battle.

That is stuff of MiLabs.

And again, to those that say any of this is a trick.

Well then.

Is poisonous food not poisonous and toxifying? Are certain actions not emotionally and mentally programming? Etc etc etc!?

Beautiful Person
i feel myself that its a bad idea to allow yourself float out of the body

Aug Tellez
Of course they have these components, these spiritual aspects of reality can never be false because then it would mean nothing to live, or to die, or to abuse the body or to consider it precious and pure.

Beautiful Person
i did it in the past

Aug Tellez
Surely the difference exists.

Yes, that is how they manipulate people.

It is an artificial plane.

Beautiful Person
right…doesnt surprise me

Aug Tellez
I am an empath, I go off of feelings, that means I am feeling the energy of the other end of the conversation. So it pollutes me to respond to the fear of others.

I know you haven’t even provoked with questions, but it is your energy that is doing this.

Truth wants to be known and it just picked you.

Beautiful Person
ur right actually

i just care about getting to the truth

Aug Tellez
Power wants to be held in the same way.

So remember, retain your power in that search otherwise what you find will be handed to you by someone looking for that power from you.


Beautiful Person
will try…..ugh…one final…question for tonight…

Aug Tellez
If you care and are searching for the truth because you want to help humanity, IE: pure intent, then this power and truth will reach you.

Beautiful Person
good to know

Do you know….can people block the consciousness transfer

Aug Tellez
That is up to the individual.

Free-will is the key.

Beautiful Person
what do u mean by free-will

Aug Tellez
The statements I told you previously.

They must be respected/honored

Beautiful Person
oh yes

Aug Tellez
Indeed. I thank you a-gain.

Beautiful Person
it was interesting…thanks Aug….let me digest it for a bit and I will get back to you.

Aug Tellez
Much love.

Beautiful Person
Same to you… smile emoticon

If all fears are let go, then one builds the reality where those fears are no longer relevant. If the reality one resides in is one that supersedes the effect and cause of fear, then they are in the reality where they experience that continuation of that peace. It is simultaneously created and connected with through this process.






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