Aug Tellez
I mean in general, how are you feeling?

Beautiful Person
oh…..i’m ok. thanks…just back from a little 2 day break down the country …do you think there was a time jump or something? why do u ask ? are u ok yourself ?

Aug Tellez
I am only asking to see how you feel and if I can add to the positivity. There has been many time jumps. This is all about time tech and mind tech and they said that they would reserve someone to simple ‘torturesque” experiences and then give them the same trip I had as a child. I had the trip, and then the “torture” experiences. They reversed the process for this person. Somewhere here they will view the past 50,000 years of human history along with the next few thousand. This is most jarring and requires support and re-orientation in order to remain calm and focused. It may have already even happened.

Beautiful Person
o wow

Aug Tellez

All I can do is praise the people who are willing to stand in the fire and remain still to show the way to others.

Beautiful Person
absolutely… do u think this was more than just a volcanic eruption

Aug Tellez
As this post points out, there is a supposed base in that area.

I don’t know how to tell you this, so I just will.

I am involved with the military faction of a breakaway civilization.

During the process of awakening in 2010 which actually took place across multiple timelines, I met a general working with a group of people who are working for the benefit of humanity..

Apparently they are being supported by multiple factions to help us.

I told him that I would [insert violent reaction] if he’s lying. He said he could do the same to me at any time.

That’s really all I can say.

I don’t trust anyone, I don’t trust that this isn’t all a psy-op and I’m not just a pawn.

But they said the bases would be bombed and burned out.

Area 51 was hit with a kind of scalar weaponry and now the forests are burning.

You decide. This should motivate you in any rank.

Beautiful Person
wow…thankyou for letting me know…its a lot to take in though

but isnt area 51 in the states…not canada?

Aug Tellez
This part is important. All the beings operating in tandem are being protected by a race of human beings from the original Earth timeline that exists beyond and before the artificial timelines that the rogue factions have created and ruled over for millennia. They have the ability to return humanity to the original timeline. They will not do anything entirely without our support and activation/do it all for us. There is no power game. They let me wait until I used my own power to prove and show this to me.

Aug Tellez
Area 51 was another location yes.

Disclose.tvMushroom Cloud Over Area 51

I want to release that information to the public but I have to be careful to allow people to make their own decisions.

Any push to make the decision for them resets the process and shuts their power out.

Beautiful Person
wow…im intriqued and i want to believe we are being supported by military but its all so confusing to me

Aug Tellez
It must be. Literally, or it could not be happening.

That is how it works.

You could even pass this information on to those who you feel are ready to help.

The Earth is detoxing.

The astral and temporal planes are artificially induced as others say and they are going to be deleted if this works.

The entire artificial timeline and false-light matrix will crumble as it is now.

But people must take their power and use it to create otherwise their reality will revert to the lowest common ‘denominator’ which is the programming. Basically, people must detox and deprogram. Detox the body, deprogram the mind.

They have been faking layers of spirituality but spirituality is the answer. Fake spirituality or all the disinfo doesn’t actually exist in the Universe. True spirit goes beyond the lower emotions or mental programming of this false-light matrix which was born thousands of years ago.

The secret projects viewed this, in part, but humans were not ready to know and let go of fear. Thus there was a delay.

Beautiful Person
im lost….lol….kinda. I want to understand…I knew there was a lot more to all of this than we are shown

Aug Tellez
I can help with what you ask.

Beautiful Person
I dont understand anything about timelines, astral planes or anything like that…can u tell me about where u are from etc

Aug Tellez
There are those helping from the original Earth timeline. They began to migrate here in order to stop the artificial destruction from wreaking havoc on the human genome which contains access codes and pathways in and out of this Universe.

I’ve had dreamlike memories of a time where there are no problems on the planet.

Then military picked me up and sent me through various travel and research programs and I regained memories of various operations that seems to span across multiple timelines. In these operations we were basically in opposition to this problem but more so on recon and discovery about it.

Upon return I am now in a timeline where everything has advanced many “time”(lines) over.

This occurred many years ago but we are being organized through time so it is simultaneous for us.

Aug Tellez
There is a physical plane, this is temporary. How does a temporary existence occur within eternity which is the natural existence of all things? It is a physical, within a higher, larger scope or energetic spectrum of multiple physical planes in a non-physical sea of possibility. This multi-dimensionality of planes within planes is the higher-dimensional aspect of the Universe and space/time.

Beautiful Person
o god…i think im just getting more confused

Aug Tellez
Memories and Knowledge/experience is stored around the body and in the brain and body as light and physical arrangements. The DNA emits light and communicates across planes, dimensions and spaces through the subconscious (sub-quantum-space) and everyone’s subconscious communicates to each other in proximity. This is where the feeling of being watched comes from if someone in the room is staring at your back and talking about you. The DNA is communicating across space/time. This is because the essence that is within and activating a spirited-human mind through DNA is the same across all humans. Spirit is a kind of etheric light that goes beyond physical light which could be seen as a kind of electrical stimulus translated and made apparent by the brain, not the real thing. Light is down to polarity and essentially a phase-interlock of a partially viewed quantum axial spin. This is just a portion of the “rotation” on a quantum level and is akin to a light flickering on and off producing a solid pattern. If and when we regain access to more and more of the virtually infinite possibilities within 360 degrees of change within the quantum axial spin, this reality becomes holographic and transitory in nature while another larger view of space time opens up. This is essentially what part of the secret projects discovered directly by interacting with the brain, consciousness and DNA. This was the techno-industrial age meeting the “Soul Science and Spirit Knowledge” of the ancient past.

Remember the soul is merely the condensed memories and programming from this physical plane across many timelines. The spirit is the pure essence that cannot be entirely contained by this plane and is of pure intent and from a realm of pure intent.

Aug Tellez
So within a total Universe of infinite/eternity, you cannot have a singular view, a simple view of space and time/physicality, without a kind of “virtual” or artificial game system/server system set up to allow for that kind of ‘dream’time experience.

Aug Tellez
That is this “dimension”/realm. The original planes are of pure spirit, there is no separation between the perceived moments of time. To create this physical experience, spirit enters the body and reality is filtered through the compartmentalization ability of the brain to create infinite moments of separation out of one complete moment and experience. The brain is capturing just one moment, a freeze-frame snap of that quantum realm of axial spin and so each time we build a progressively larger and larger view. Yet there are potentially infinite slices within the 360 axial spin. So it’s about how we expand in order to reach a point where we instantly realize that the brain is only capable of capturing one frame at a time, but through spirit we can actually see the whole thing at once as far as it is connected to/relevant with the DNA of this particular time/space/body/Universe.

This is the gradual ascencion towards the experiencing of the whole through the spirits ability to grasp al langles of axial spin that the brain can only capture a single moment of, a single freeze-frame in each moment.

Remember, it’s an infinite sea of possibilities and moments that can be broken down from the perception of time in between each major event that describes change in our lives and forces a decision or shift in perspective or environment. So there can be as many or as little perceived moments as we want to look for and create and in turn respond or react to creatively. Without creativity, the possibilities shrink and experience collapses to the most redundant or preprogrammed format. Without light-heartedness, the ability to detach from the projection of pain or distraction, creativity dwindles. Sharing and familiness produces light-heartedness. The Earth and the Universal pattern for co-creation of the Human induces creativity and automatically brings the physical back into union with the divine. Life and death is a mirror image of this entirely, the secret is that death is an illusion as much as physical life is. But without the illusion how would we know either or?

Aug Tellez
Essentially physical experience can be programmed by the brain and body. Spirit is the non-physical/etheric, mind and emotions is the semi-physical still programmable soul/astral planes. That is the basis of physical learning.

When the DNA moves across multiple lives or planes all the information of these planes are condensed and contained into one experience, this one experience is split up into physical moments of separation by the body’s and DNA programming codes.

The more codes and the more programming, the more separate we all experience reality to be.

Think if we were all in an Earth where we felt positively unified and there was no war and destruction of nature/balance. If one person began going wild and feeling very disconnected in their own self, would this not cause everyone around them to also feel disconnected from each other by feeling disconnected from that one person? So in any way we look at it, we are all connected to each other through experience. We are participating in each other’s experience here and that will be so as long as we are emotionally connected.

So this also brings up another point which is that the solution is not to become emotionally disconnected, it’s to know how to guard one’s self against the programming of others and in that way be able to help others help themselves through this. Just as one person can be disruptive and this can in turn disrupt others, people can also become ultra-calm and peaceful and in this way calm and bring peace to others.

They began utilizing equipment to encode fear programming and astral implants within the soul templates of humanity by mutating the DNA with false light/radiation devices and actual physical and electromagnetic implants.

These distortions are literally creating and maintaining the perception of this false-light matrix on Earth. If humanity detoxes then the false-light matrix system falls apart.

These implants utilize humanity to create negative energy through their spiritual reality generating capabilities which is what all sentient beings do through making decisions and choosing one reality, perception, or reaction over another.

Through this negative energy, these beings were literally plugged into the Earth like a kind of electromagnetic mind-machine matrix and are influencing and jumping around from ruler to controller and using them to cause more events which will create more negativity.

This is a binary programming code from a system that is finite and therefore will run out of options and scenarios.

This is the timeline where it runs out of options.

Humanity given the choice to connect with and create the original timeline.

We witnessed this in the time program.

If they told the truth about the others, then they will see this sooner or later and will be just as shocked as I was. It took me 16 years to accept it.

Beautiful Person
flippin hell…..trying to get my little head around it all

Aug Tellez
Enjoy yourself through finding the balance, all the information you need is within you.


Humanity’s Situation on Earth Part 3: Detoxing and Solutions



  1. Aug, there is a part of this post above that has been deleted /taken down. Can you re-post information, would be much appreciated. ~☆~


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