Physical and Energetic Bodies

The temporal, mental, and physical body can be tampered with through technology and psychological manipulation. Then the soul will remember this. When the trauma or resentment is brought to the surface through life experiences, one has the opportunity to forgive and continue forward and release the imprints and emotional blocks which keep the trauma as part of the self.

When released, the spirit is free-er to experience life from a clear perspective rather than one that is tarnished with the damage taken from previous times.

The physical body itself can heal much more than people are aware but all bodies are connected as one and so the healing must take place throughout all forms of existence rather than just one or two.

It is also interesting as to the true nature of the Human being and the total forms or energetic spectrums that the Human exists as. There is the physical body. There are mental and emotional bodies. There is the temporal body and there is the spiritual body. There are most likely more than this as I have been shown and others around are also informing us of. I will look for more information on this and maybe you will benefit from the same.

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