Break the Cycle of Repetition Through Self-Awareness

This whole situation is about teaching the Human race through whatever means necessary. If people are willing to be deceived with comfy lies rather than told the real truth, then they will be tricked through those lies into waking up on their own.

If people choose to operate in the old-world schematic involving handing the power of the people, individually and collectively, over from themselves and each other to single individuals or groups of individuals that operate in their own interests then this will be used against the public interest to force the people to act on their own free-will.
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Acceleration of Consciousness and Society

If you are participating in a beneficial healing role in this time for humanity then you are a part of this unveiling and ascension towards humanity’s coming to awareness of its own power.

What this is all about is an acceleration of consciousness actually awareness through the ages of human history. As a result of accelerations the psyche of humanity became stressed due to the growing potential of the hidden aspect of the psyche. This nearly indicates that there is so much coming together now that people who fear what they do not understand experience exactly what they create for themselves.

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The Effects of Temporal Manipulation

Temporal Influence

When a civilization reaches the level of technological advancement that allows for remote temporal viewing and transtemporal travel what will happen is that the information of the future begins to integrate into the past.

This is why we have all these ancient mystical schools of knowledge that studied time, space, and consciousness in ways that are only just now being publicly confirmed by scientists.
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Late Night In The Midlands Michael T Vara with Geoffrey Faulkner

Late Night In The Midlands Michael T Vara with Geoffrey Faulkner. Play at 1.25-1.5x speed. Starts about 27 minutes in.

Scalar Weaponry, Forest Fires and Underground Bases

Apparently the fire in Canada is not natural…There was talk about a fire that would be propelled using technology.

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Omnisense: Virtual Reality Synthetic Dreams

End Game Virtual Reality • Synthetic Dreams
With end game virtual reality (VR) the senses and one’s perception of visuals are streamlined by technology to produce virtual constructs to explore/witness. The entire universal library of experiences and thought forms are possible to experience/explore with end game VR tech. Right now in our society these technologies are only obtained in their end game version by government black projects(Secret Government Scientific Projects).

Virtual Reality Methods:
• Carried out by Black Project Artificial Intelligence and Directed Energy Weapons in the Modern Age
• The Full Suite of Mind Control Technologies Used for Shadow Govt Agenda Proliferation or Recreation
• Replacing One’s Body with Anything in a VR Construct (You can be an Insect, a Cat, anything)
• Open Source Senses; Neurobody Tech (Synthetic Signals) used to Enhance the Experience
• Open Source Perception (Naturally there is a lot of potential for misuse of these techs)
• Interfacing of Other Being’s Consciousness via Electronic Telepathy Tech (AI Based Telepathy tech is part of the Full Suite of End Game VR Tech)
• OBE Exploration of a VR Construct (OBE = Out of Body Experience)
• VR as a Form of Electronic Harassment
• VR While Awake or Asleep

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Kosol Ouch, Pol Pot survivor, introduces “IBM Watson”, benevolent AI from 2026 & a parallel universe, here to help raise human consciousness and to prevent Donald Trump from becoming US President

Bases 10: The Sarah Stanga Blogs, MiLabs Operations

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DNA Ascension/Acceleration and Purity

In previous times they would say to leave garments out in the sun after washing for a period of time. They would say to not have contact with a person for a period of time, etc etc etc.

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Michael T. Vara LNMRadio: Aug Tellez – Advanced Technology / Celebrity Cloning – 5-13-16

Written Interview Ex MiLab Operative, Breakaway Group Operations by Eve Lorgen

Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations
Posted on May 16, 2016

Interview with Aug Tellez by Eve Lorgen
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