Acceleration of Consciousness and Society

If you are participating in a beneficial healing role in this time for humanity then you are a part of this unveiling and ascension towards humanity’s coming to awareness of its own power.

What this is all about is an acceleration of consciousness actually awareness through the ages of human history. As a result of accelerations the psyche of humanity became stressed due to the growing potential of the hidden aspect of the psyche. This nearly indicates that there is so much coming together now that people who fear what they do not understand experience exactly what they create for themselves.

This is simply awareness accelerating, increasing, and multiplying. Whatever we hold within is what we experience.

All of history is being organized and has been organized to fulfil this destiny and achievement in awareness. The struggles experienced are more due to the individuals lack of understanding of the psyche, consciousness, time, and space. It is no different than the voice to text software I am using now. If I make a mistake laugh and utter F word under my breath the system picks this up and types it out as if that was what I intended.

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