Bases 10: The Sarah Stanga Blogs, MiLabs Operations

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2 thoughts on “Bases 10: The Sarah Stanga Blogs, MiLabs Operations

  1. At the 30 minute mark, onwards, she describes flying, astral projection, and landing on the roof of a pub. Where an ”elemental” or entity of some kind was too. It turns out entities hang around pubs , and drain off energy from drinkers who ”drown their sorrows”. She also says entities hang around betting shops too. We have to wonder therefore if pubs, especially a large pub chain like wetherspoons, and nightclubs too, if some locations are not just by accident but deliberately sought after , if theyre at energy vortexes and leylines. Las Vegas casinos must also be built in special locations and sacred geometry to act as interdimensional energy feeding stations , Trumps Atlantic city places too.

    It is extremely fascinating how these entities, interact with physical places and stand on top of buildings. It is fascinating to think that buildings, streets, exist in the astral realm too. And that people like this woman leave their body and fly and land on a building like Neo in the Matrix. Its fascinating how the astral realm and our realm interact and blend. Also fascinating how the Astral and other realms seem to be artificial, a result of ancient advanced sentient technology possibly under the Vatican, Bucegi mountain in Romania, and maybe above us too.

    She mentions too, she was in old Christian church that was well known to actually be a freemason church, and astral travelled into there watching the guilt ridden worshippers asking for forgiveness, desperate not to go to hell. She saw 2 tall reptilians also there, laughing intensely , as they sucked up all the emotional energy. She provides many interesting intelligent insights on all this. She also describes how she was born 2 months prematurely, and discovered as an adult, this happened intentionally. She was meant to be a sagitarrius, but ended up Pisces. The reason was her parents wanted her natal chart to have more Fire Energy. And that her coming into this world , they had plans for her to use her, she has apparently been used as a ”breeder” giving birth to Draco hybrids.


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