Break the Cycle of Repetition Through Self-Awareness

This whole situation is about teaching the Human race through whatever means necessary. If people are willing to be deceived with comfy lies rather than told the real truth, then they will be tricked through those lies into waking up on their own.

If people choose to operate in the old-world schematic involving handing the power of the people, individually and collectively, over from themselves and each other to single individuals or groups of individuals that operate in their own interests then this will be used against the public interest to force the people to act on their own free-will.

This is akin to a trance that people must break free from but will not end until people experience the true nature of the trance or are awakened from some internal power. That power is being returned to Humanity now.

The true nature of the old system remaining around now is deception and separation because people are capable of acting like the body and handling many various parts within society on their own accordance.

If people choose to give their power away, instead of standing up and saying I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS FALSE-LIGHT MATRIX/DECEPTIVE POWER STRUGGLE, and then DEMAND THE TRUTH of the SECRET PROJECTS, ZERO-POINT TECHNOLOGY, INSTANT CURES and themselves participate in The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge of The Ages of Humanity, then they will be shown the downside of handing their power away. It is out of laziness greed, and ignorance that people still hold to the old world system. Call it temporal and spiritual confusion if you will. There is no blame, no one is shut out, although it is an illusion to consider themselves beneficial for wanting positive ideals, but not powerful enough themselves to simply create them in reality.


If a relatively small, yet large and coherent enough group of people form to do this, Humanity gains all the hidden cures, the hidden technology, transparency, a real community system, and the hidden knowledge of the ages.

The groups are now forming and growing in alignment, people are waking up and knowing the truth.

You are involved if you are reading this, this is a massive operation across timelines and planes of reality and Humanity is ready.

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One thought on “Break the Cycle of Repetition Through Self-Awareness

  1. I DO NOT CONSENT to this Matrix of Lies, Deception, and Treachery. I do not consent to MILABS or MKUltra programs or any form of human or animal abuse and/or slavery. I have stated aloud my declaration of Sovereignty and my Non-Consent to All things that interfere with my Sovereignty as outlined in this document:

    I demand the Truth of the Secret Projects, Zero-Point Technology, and all Healing Modalities being withheld from us be revealed and released and distributed to all Peoples of this Planet Earth NOW.


    Tweety Pie
    and I have no doubt that You, to whom this is addressed, know who and where I AM
    August 26, 2016


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