Omnisense: Virtual Reality Synthetic Dreams

End Game Virtual Reality • Synthetic Dreams
With end game virtual reality (VR) the senses and one’s perception of visuals are streamlined by technology to produce virtual constructs to explore/witness. The entire universal library of experiences and thought forms are possible to experience/explore with end game VR tech. Right now in our society these technologies are only obtained in their end game version by government black projects(Secret Government Scientific Projects).

Virtual Reality Methods:
• Carried out by Black Project Artificial Intelligence and Directed Energy Weapons in the Modern Age
• The Full Suite of Mind Control Technologies Used for Shadow Govt Agenda Proliferation or Recreation
• Replacing One’s Body with Anything in a VR Construct (You can be an Insect, a Cat, anything)
• Open Source Senses; Neurobody Tech (Synthetic Signals) used to Enhance the Experience
• Open Source Perception (Naturally there is a lot of potential for misuse of these techs)
• Interfacing of Other Being’s Consciousness via Electronic Telepathy Tech (AI Based Telepathy tech is part of the Full Suite of End Game VR Tech)
• OBE Exploration of a VR Construct (OBE = Out of Body Experience)
• VR as a Form of Electronic Harassment
• VR While Awake or Asleep

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