The Effects of Temporal Manipulation

Temporal Influence

When a civilization reaches the level of technological advancement that allows for remote temporal viewing and transtemporal travel what will happen is that the information of the future begins to integrate into the past.

This is why we have all these ancient mystical schools of knowledge that studied time, space, and consciousness in ways that are only just now being publicly confirmed by scientists.

Simultaneous Interaction and Incorporation

The operations that dealt with moving to the past instantly created a simultaneity of interactions and historic events which correspond with that operation.

Due to the nature of time travel which equates to consciousness travel when a person is consciously sent backwards through history they physically experience life from the viewpoint of their genetic imprint in that point in history.


What this equates to is that simultaneously that person’s experiences become the part of history that was already present when they left this time.

Essentially, when a person returns their experiences become a part of history that already existed when they left.

Quantum Holography

Love is the quantum link that connects all DNA super-computing consciousness.


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