Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

There is technology that exists that allows the conscious mind to see into the subconscious. This heals trauma and distortion/programming. In the same sense, it momentarily makes all trauma and distortion seemingly tangible to the conscious mind. It is similar to a near death experience where one has to face their fears and let go. This happens in cycles and Earth is currently moving through various states of it. The plan is to allow Humanity to wake up and utilize our concentration and power to maintain a steady flow of awareness.

All is vibration, what we consider matter here and now is simply that which comes from and moves back into a state of vibration. This is experienced directly through the merging of the conscious and the subconscious mind, as if the dream and reality intersect through a coming together of impossibilities and readily accepted occurrences.

When a civilization moves through these stages it is considered a shift of the ages. Everyone’s perspective shifts and as a result of perspective being the source of the details of reality, the entire reality shifts.

It can be seen today that what we call reality is literally waves of cosmic energy vibrating on a scale and condensing down into a probability matrix that we call existence. When passing memes control the perspective, because the perspective is focused and concentrating on that, then there is a scattered organizational pattern.

When the perspective is centered within the self, the spirit, the source of all existence, then the outward reality shifts from a scattered organization into a sacred pattern that integrates with the larger picture and allows for seamless integration of the micro-biological perspective and the macro-biological perspective.

People are moving out of the scattered signal. Yet those moving into harmony can look and see those around them that are not in harmony and receive scattered information about their inner micro-biological existence as well as their spiritual macro-biological essences and how it all relates to the middle realm of the “Human”.

Help those people by offering harmonizing assistance, rather than increasing the disharmony. As their surroundings become more harmonized, their resistance will increase their own disharmony by virtue of the contrast of their perspective. Offer insight that they can change their perspective and change the boundaries of what they feel is their karma and unlock from themselves a greater view of the whole.

This will be happening through technology, spiritual cosmic awakening, purification and healing of the physical and non-physical bodies and mind, through Earth changes, and through a continued unveiling taking place on many planes and levels of existence until harmony is restored.

7 thoughts on “Trauma-Clearing, DNA Unlocking Technology

  1. i want to ask you something. Tomcat my beloved, with whom I had more than 18 years a relationship of deep love and mutual yesterday is no more.
    Two years ago he was bitten by a tick. I feel guilty because of my stupidity, I missed all the chances taken to cure it, I struggled and I did suffer a lot.
    I find it so miss him. It was next to me at the age of three weeks and I’ve always felt that I will not be tired of it, by his presence, to keep him in my arms. And today I lost.
    Why this excruciating pain?

    I forgot to tell you something.
    For several days, there was a song arisen in my mind, do not know where that came back with insistence, despite my prayers help my tomcat lives and health.
    That’s the song:
    look and translating lyrics into English:
    And today, during a trip by car half an hour, three times I heard this song on the radio:
    Thank you for everything. Cristina


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