Harald-Kautz Vella – Manifesting Reality, The Heart, and Binary Consciousness


4 thoughts on “Harald-Kautz Vella – Manifesting Reality, The Heart, and Binary Consciousness

  1. Would one, or I, be somewhat correct in saying that the heart is the shortest way to source. And by following the heart you actually lower your frequency as opposed to going out through the pineal gland. And that it is from this “lower” frequency one actually can manifest what the mind can make up?


    1. This is a confusing question, there are apparently two ways to exit the body one was through a kind of heart active harmonization and one is through the the area around the pineal. The heart frequency in harmonization appears to be the most powerful energy and it is like a mind which does not think. The mind can choose and contrast and in this way can become confused or deceptive, it is the heart that cannot lie and will always prepare one towards harmonization of their entire being. The language to use has been corrupted as people relate the heart to the feelings or emotions like compassion or kindness yet the heart energy is a form of intelligent self-awareness that bypasses the thinking process and goes directly into knowing. If one has not faced their fears and learned to transmute lower energy into higher then the heart can be targeted to control individuals in and out of this plane. So it is the combination into a more perfect unity that gives rise to the being that can not only feel but can accurately see and k ow using the individual mind as well. This unification would be more difficult to target or manipulate than just one or the other alone.
      The mind is the tuning dial through imagery of focus and the heart is the motivating force behind the experience of the self and other.

      Maybe it is helpful to say the mind is connected to observing reality while the heart is connected to cross-checking choices and maintaining the presence of the true or original self. The heart is tertiary the mind is binary or dual.


      1. But I like your answer even if it was a confusing question.

        And I will have to start practicing to see if manifesting this way works. The idea here being that if one can expand his/her field through these two points and keep them balanced while staying anchored in 3D the potential for manifestation increases. Maybe that is even how to get your Jedi on.

        If twelve people where to do this in sync, who knows, maybe they start making trees that bare fruit as soon as someone hungry passes by.


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