Kozyrev Chair

The Kozyrev Chair. DNA emits torsion fields. The effects of those fields or the field, is consciousness or awareness.

This was a fundamental discovery about the mechanism of space, time and consciousness.

If you haven’t seen this yet, this is the Kozyrev chair or “mirror”. This device allows for instantaneous communication across space-time using consciousness alone and has been in use for decades on the Earth.

The more advanced versions go far beyond what we can imagine and would be akin to something we’d see in an “X-Men” movie, which is, by the way, largely based on actual technologies within the secret projects.

Here is a more in depth video which contains subtitles.

This was used in earlier aspects of the secret projects and enables one to share mind-space with another individual.

They have since advanced beyond the requirement of a complete metallic chair set up and can operate through scalar fields with other advanced technology.

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