Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 1

0:50 – Phase 1 of the Unveiling – Secret Projects, Mind Control, Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Consciousness Transfer

3:00 – Advanced Technology, Zero-point Generators, Other Race Control Systems


2 thoughts on “Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 1

  1. Forgiveness is a 2 way process and cannot happen unless the party that committed the VIOLATION makes a move towards the party that was Violated to reconcile. Forgiveness by definition cannot happen in any other way. As thus, your focus on Forgiveness may be misworded and you may
    ” mean ” something else such as lettiing go…etc. The idea of somehow forgiving people that have not come around to seek forgivness is a fairly large misunderstanding of meaning, and also a possible aspect of former Meta Programming which attempts to distort the true meaning of words and language.
    Its necessary we all become very precise when we use spoken or written language in these times.
    Christian religion in reference to the bible offers a total falsehood of what forgiveness is.
    This has mislead large numbers of people who think they are engaging in forgiveness when they are very much not doing so.


    1. Research ho’oponopono.

      Forgiveness is only two-way if you’ve also taken part in the transgressions against yourself and others. In which case, then you receive the same results.

      Other than that, pretending you have no reason to forgive, because you’ve done no wrong and couldn’t clearly have stinky shit is the basis for Christian programming and avoiding one’s self-responsibility. Chances are you’ve eaten just as much food poisoned with toxic fetal cells, taken part in just as much toxic rituals and materialistic ignoring of the true self while all the time believing yourself to be separate from others…because you say so, oh, and because you say “F-You” to forgiveness.

      Meanwhile, if you can still say that after your tribe has been wiped out, you’ve witnessed more than one civilization destroyed and your entire family is gone, then you get the cake. If not, then you were just pretending and are essentially bullshitting and this will be used against you to start a third-world war where you will quickly revert to a child-like stupor pleading and offering your body in forgiveness all because you don’t believe in compassion.

      As you should be able to depict from my comment now, there is a difference between being compassionate, being a submissive kiss-ass, and just plain being an asshole.

      You do not have the right to choose for others how they will feel as this is the same tyrannical resistance to emotional and mental freedom that you envision yourself against, and in the same sense you have probably never seen any horrors close to what those who are actually in the position to forgive these people have seen. Finally, you do not have the experience to gauge whether or not these people accept forgiveness or whether they are going to continue. I can say that those who think they are going to fight inter-dimensionsional scalar-weaponry and civilization invaders with bad attitudes are going to end up in an environment that they would rather not be in.

      Conclusion: There is a difference between freeing yourself through forgiveness and toxic emotions of vengeance, accepting disrespect and spiritual degradation, and holding on to angst and misery just to project more of that when there is an opportunity to heal that rift where this can assist this civilization and the whole universe. The universe is holographic, if you hold vengeance, that powers the devices and they spray that right back at you. Why do you think this has taken so long?


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