Technology of The Awakening

I am sending this post out as a clarification, update, and announcement of my situation. Editing this in now, I wanted to talk about my particular situation regarding some injuries sustained in breaking through the programming and how I was given a schedule for future events that are beginning to coincide directly with my progressing physical situation. This will be “part 1a” involving some information regarding the technology and what is happening.

Touchless Neural-Interface and Enhanced Awareness

In 2010 I reached what the “Illuminati” called the “awakening”. I feel a better term would be “unlocking” as this event includes the removal of all traumas, perceptual distortions, and memory suppression.
This event was a presentation of very advanced technologies which allow the mind to transcend space and time. It was shown that death is similar to a phase-shift of consciousness as polarity and that the awareness of the being obviously continues. This was verified through advanced sensing devices which can visibly display frequencies which are invisible to the physical senses.

With these devices it is possible to see the “auric” or soul field of the individual. Any living body has a field which glows when picked up by these sensing systems. This field becomes more refined when viewing more advanced beings. Human have an extending mental field, and through this a kind of glowing awareness that is picked up. It can be fairly simply compared to thermal imaging except instead of differences in temperature it is the presence of a soul or mental energy field around a living body.

More than once, the situational requirements were satisfied in order to produce an ideal environment for maneuvering on the non-physical plane. This is how the basis of temporal operations occur, yet these events were different than previous operations or experiences. The group I was in was going through the process of increasing the vibratory emissions of the “bio-mind” in order to stay focused on the increasing vibratory rate of the environment. Generators were utilized to create an affect on space/time which was perceived by the “soul” level. These events went into the discovery and explanation of the creation of the “godlike” powers of the advanced sentient technology which was capable of accessing the holographic nature of reality which humans can perceive through their bio-mind/soul.

Time Dilation and Temporal Recurrence

Time dilation capabilities were shown which allow for accelerated learning of advanced and detailed material within a very short amount of time.

Along with this, using particle accelerators to quantify space into the quantum level a frequency would be “folded” into the space time continuum as we “rip” through space holding an access point open at this fundamental level of space/time. This allows for an ‘letting go’ of the frequency, or a ‘snapping back’ by allowing the entanglement to solve itself. When used with generators that propagate out efficiently enough, the effect is akin to time/spaceg what were described as smaller versions of the cern device, or higher-dimensional travel. All sentient observer sources return to the environment they were present in when that frequency ‘rift’ first began. Essentially this creates a replay effect on the consciousness of the individuals within the field. There is no physical effect. The consciousness is ‘regressed’ through time/space, and they re-experience existence from that initial point of contact with the frequency “rift”. This is best explanation I can currently offer.

Instantaneous Healing

Instantaneous healing devices as well as substances which can initiate a complete and real-time regeneration of living tissue from almost any conceivable non-critical injury.
Advanced craft which utilized counter-rotating torsion fields propagated by very powerful quantum computers and zero-point energy devices.


There are replicators that can produce any conceivable 3D material or object altogether  including food or organic material.
There are sensors that could reverse the process and detect every minute detail of the structure of a body.

3.5D Printing of Clones

It was shown how this technology was used to three dimensionally print human bodies into space/time which could then be used as vehicles for consciousness, souls, or spirits.

Neuralinterlace/Connectdome Recording and Simulation

Very advanced supercomputers exist with the capacity to translate the bio-emissions of the brain and body and reconstruct the entire inner visual and sensory experience of cognition and emotion. From this, entire dream worlds can be created which mimic the experience of consciousness.

A super computer and advanced sensing system essentially develops one of these connectdomes of every connection in the brain. And then this system develops a neural processing pattern that matches the entire memory and personality of the brain.This is then ran and an observation of the experience can be observed through the physical body’s memory.

Community Servers/Living Server Systems

From that, server systems have been created which are an individual or collective experience of the virtual mental realm. In this realm individuals have existed for an amount of time that would not be easily compared to the way we understand the flow of time in waking reality. It is very similar to dreams where the perception of time passes very quickly between waking moments yet inside the experience of the dream it can seem to last for days.

5 thoughts on “Technology of The Awakening

  1. Kill my brain. The song not worthy of one hit wonders. Too much information. The lady wishing not to revisit a memory to the detriment of anyone who would benefit. A snapshot retreival of the picture perfect image and knowing this image is significant to the retrieval of beauty and the mind’s eye. Recognition of the near death experience you don’t survive. Observing a life racing through your mind and knowing it is not your own. Hood up head down keep going. Remember not to tarry long to be the spectator, if your eyes do meet Rebuke them and survive.


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