On Energy Vampirism

Whenever a person thinks negatively about someone who wants to make them bad(edit:mad), they are feeding from their aura into that person’s energy field/mind. The person who instigates these emotions in a continual pattern, is someone who literally feeds off of the negative energy emissions of others.

They cannot eat happiness or peace. So when we are in peace, and true awareness (not necessarily what people call “happiness”) we are emitting waves of energy that can only increase and create more of the same.

I would suggest becoming aware of the underlying patterns of behavior and manipulation and learning to move beyond those patterns by changing the necessary reactivity that initiates such cycles of repetition in the first place. There is a beginning and an end. The beginning is when energy is devoted to those exchanges of energy and information that do not serve the true-self, the spirit. The end of those cycles is the beginning of the return of being able to securely process one’s own energy which is exactly what is done to secure the emotional and mental fields.

It is when we are convinced to process another’s negative energy or information that we are “burning at both ends” and using up our own energy for the unnecessary commitment to someone else’s false-self which becomes our own false-self or damaged identity the more that this happens.

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