Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

As a precursor to what I’m about to release as part of my physical situation and how everything came to be, I want to let everyone who’s been following know that I am in a manageable amount of pain now due to a dislocated bicep tendon and some other injuries. That sounded backwards, I was in MORE pain just a few months ago.

Reactionary Behavior and Programming

I was also informed of what is taking place now and by the end of this season through the series of events that was described as the unveiling of hidden knowledge.

Learning About The Unveiling

I was informed about the unveiling and that this is a civilization wide event that marks the public awareness of the hidden knowledge regarding life in the Universe, consciousness, physics, history, spiritual and mental awareness and the duality-based system which has been used to manipulate Humanity for thousands of years. This unveiling is apparently happening a lot sooner than I had accepted after what I have seen in 2010.

Apparently it does not matter if people are not ready, in fact, that is what some factions want. They want to surprise the people and take this advantage to push the reaction to a specific outcome. The same function of programming is used in factions, soldiers, celebrities, and the entire population through that.

Layers of Programming and Decision Making Roles

The outcome of action depends on the layer of programming which is accessed and surpassed via awareness.

The public is at a specific level of programming that is the weakest but ensnares the most people. One who sees the truths behind these groups and operations, they cannot hide from the fact that everyone is controlled. It is apparent, and if not from the results, reactions, stigma, cues, productions and all other media elements of the system which can be read as a code, but from the awareness level of all the “agents” involved. All involved are exposed to truth and power that is beyond anything that is recognized publicly for hundreds to thousands of years. There is always a presence of higher spirit around the world, yet these topics are often reserved for sci-fi when speaking of people who can travel the world in a split second or freeze time for their own personal use.

As a result of everyone’s knowledge, there are various levels of programing designed to limit the mind’s access to specific memories and specific frequencies of consciousness in combination with specific memories. The more one resists, the more intense and articulately abstract the programing is designed.


The programs are designed by a select group of individuals that reside far behind the scenes and process information at levels we do not have access to without their technology at least to stabilize brain temperature for the extended periods of focus.

Sub-Level Programming

So people at the level of the public are most weakly programmed with false ideals about security through patriarchal authority which satisfied the desire to have a proper father role in one’s life and acts as a pacifier for those who desire no change. Then there are sub-levels of programming with that for anyone who disagrees and is then swept into the next layer of ideals which are based off of all the possible reactionary mind-types.

For instance, if one does want change, then they are presented a variety of ‘false-exits’ which tend to one or another layer of psychological or spiritual fulfilment but do so in a way that safely reroutes the intended affect of actually accomplishing change with a secondary and preconceived notion of what the programmers want. The programming objective is not necessarily precise in mass scale, from the layer that people are influenced, yet the ultimately or end-goal of their resulting internal desires are a reality schematic that the programmers specifically designed over many years.

This is playing out through each layer of the programming. At any level, someone could pick the wrong way to look at something and begin to unravel what was previously their very understanding of the priorities of the situation. This deals with high-tension operations, moments, programming sessions, decision making, programming upkeep, trauma, memory blocks, the pressure and responsibility of knowing, and the specific plan of the programmers for an individual that comes into their view. The programming is to ensure safety and continuity, as well to decrease the likelihood that a person will reject or consciously come to awareness of or acknowledge the programming or situation itself.

Dissolution of Programming

With that said, the programming dissolves when an individual asks enough questions to necessitate a learning process that introduces variables and possibilities outside of their operations and programming. This is a problem because with this, trauma comes to the surface and all the actions and operations, programs and experiences must be come to terms with as part of the healing and re-unifying process. There are multiple selves or split personalities which are actually just layers of awareness at various levels attached to various emotional or intellectual patterns. All these selves come to the surface and in order to heal the trauma of the split memory concept the original self must come to the surface and acknowledge them.

This is not a trivial process, and the majority of people who have “basic” programming which is fundamental in society, are in a constant state of altered self and have not witnessed the true divine which is eternally present and contains access to all memories, mind-states and awareness.

Advanced Technology, Deprogramming The Mind, and “Space/Time”

As I have described previously, extremely advanced technology is used and this is through vibrations, generators, and electromagnetic devices that have this effect of propagating waves into space/time which can be heard, felt, seen, and perceived in the mind. These are ripples and vortexes in the “mind-space” of reality itself.

As well, there are brain to machine neural interfaces which operate to activate the psychological perceptual changes and explore the subconscious in an aware state. This is used to test and probe the mind in order to bring forth the trauma, the selves, the memories, the reactions and the individual then must come to terms with what is produced.

This is essentially a “good-use” for the programming and healing technology. It is actually a different process with different technology, and programming is much simpler as far as technology. There are difficulties and challenges in the operative’s role in programming and directly influencing and interacting with the target. As well the standby team for deprogramming and the revelation of trauma and altered, artificial personalities goes through a lot. But the use of the advanced technology in this way is a pattern of experiences and unveilings of the spiritual and mental bodies which serves to reverse programming.

Veiled Awareness, Hidden Knowledge, Eternal Time, Layers of Programming and Control

The interesting notions here are that the programming of the veils goes beyond what kind of situations are found in the bases. However, they do go right up to it. It would seem Humanity was previously programmed on a civilization-wide level through some kind of great “falls” of consciousness, from a high spiritual awareness to a low spiritual awareness into duality-consciousness regarding existence, life, death, mind and matter.

The Great Catastrophes

From these great ‘catastrophes’ the civilizations of Earth grew denser and denser in nature and actually became what we have today. The concept is that when these vibrations of the mind and body are increased, we actually see a transcendence of the physical realm and preconceived notions of boundaries. It is as if the quantum doorways to all the atoms open up and a new space is presented, but was always there and in connection as the source of all the influences and effects we perceive ‘out here’ from this slower, denser, more boundary driven perspective.

12 thoughts on “Update on Physical Situation and The Unveiling of 2016

  1. Hi. Thank you so very, very much for you our family member for confirming thoughts that have led to ideas about this programming. Deep inside each one of us exists the REAL TRUTH about who we really are. We are very strong powerful God humans, and our time has come. These waves they put out, I feel and my body vibrates them. I’m so in tune to this body. Ayahuasca has ripped through multiple layers of this programming in me. I’ve been shown so much stuff. I have let go of soo much trauma, depression, past hurts! It’s like, ” yeah, well whatever, i’m not going to allow anything or anyone “trigger” me back into a lower way of thinking! I mean, seriously these programs, I’m so over them. Last year after losing the house of 22years, hemmoraging for a year, surgery after surgery, multiple court sessions, being ousted out of the home, then my husband dying, taking Paxil, valium, alprozalam, etc………It’s made me pull myself up to by my bootstraps, stronger, wiser, happier, more joyful, loving life! I just love myself and the personal power I’ve found inside of this beautiful Creatress Being that I AM! Thanks for sharing, carrying, and loving us all. All my Affection!
    I see the world as a beautiful paradise earth all loving each other in joy and laughter. It’s here already………I’ll race you to it! 🎉🎇🎶😘


  2. Can you please explain to me what this unveiling precisely means? Because I don’t really understand, what will they unveil? The truth (if so, what truth)? More lies? Please let me know.


    1. https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/three-phases-of-the-unveiling/

      Every so many thousand years Humanity reaches a cycle of completion where there is enough awareness and comprehension to initiate an exposure of civilization to a larger continuum of time and space.

      The awareness and knowledge that Humanity has attained in previous ages contains information regarding time, space, consciousness, the soul, and even advanced scalar technology that most Humans today do not know about.

      The beginning will uproot the perspective of people who are uninformed and disinterested in seeking the truth regarding the nature of existence and reality. The result is a civilization-wide changing shift in perspective that is pushed by those who are capable of utilizing this knowledge to create.

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