Water, Acidic or Alkaline

Repeat video. Everyone should know the water you drink is either acidic or alkaline, acid is where disease grows, alkaline is safe for the body and promotes health. Most health stores are incorporating reverse osmosis machines into their stores and can be used to obtain weekly or monthly water for cheap. There are also alkalizing minerals that can be used to bring up the pH. Acidification is a source of disease and suffering.

Bottled water will have the chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride and toxins as well the benzene will leech into the water from the plastic. Use BPA or glass containers.
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Monitors can emit consciousness/brainwave altering frequencies.

Monitors can emit consciousness/brainwave altering frequencies.

This has been the case for a very long time and the first TV’s were actually built with a little chip that connected to the human brain. Continue reading “Monitors can emit consciousness/brainwave altering frequencies.”

Electrical Discharge

Do you think they are on full power?

Do you think we know what would happen if they were turned on full power?

I was given knowledge that the current electronic grid would be used to enact a shift in perspective.

The way this happens is beyond what we currently see and project.

The energy of the entire electrical system can be “discharged” into the atmosphere.

Technology of the Future and Ego Consciousness

Some of my memories of operations and travel experiences involve moving through time to ancient Aegypt which is beyond what anyone can imagine from this current perspective.

We are in the process of unveiling now as certain changes have been introduced to this civilization in order to balance out the disharmonies that we are experiencing here and now.

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Division is an illusion, True-Self is Eternal

Anyone who is seeking to divide the people and cause negativity is being used by the dark forces (simply the shadow self, which is actually being used by the self) to create enough disharmony to weaken Humanity to turn people into something they are not originally. They are seeking a delay of return to balance, a game time-fame time play out of ideals that they fit in their own head with them as king and all else below them. That is born out of greed and lack of harmonizing within the self, and dies with time and the eventual loss of ego drive, materialistically sourced power.

Truly, if you would like to know what it is, it is the “False-king of tyranny” oppression model that we are all growing out of now. They can only mimic from what they’ve heard before and there is no true creativity. They will sound like a series of broken-records, that if people listen will continue to play. But of course, we know these games by now and this is not the most powerful essence in the public anymore. Continue reading “Division is an illusion, True-Self is Eternal”

Everyone Can Be Healed

Everyone can be healed.This is about creating what we want to see, the world we want to live in, not destroying others. Violence begets more violence, fear begets more fear, but calmness and empowerment through unity creates a more stable experience.

The entire issue of what’s going on with the secret projects and who’s influencing who on the world stage revolves around the possibility that some people may be from an alternate Universe.

We are learning how to avoid those mistakes and respect the environment and each other so that we can prosper. Continue reading “Everyone Can Be Healed”