Division is an illusion, True-Self is Eternal

Anyone who is seeking to divide the people and cause negativity is being used by the dark forces (simply the shadow self, which is actually being used by the self) to create enough disharmony to weaken Humanity to turn people into something they are not originally. They are seeking a delay of return to balance, a game time-fame time play out of ideals that they fit in their own head with them as king and all else below them. That is born out of greed and lack of harmonizing within the self, and dies with time and the eventual loss of ego drive, materialistically sourced power.

Truly, if you would like to know what it is, it is the “False-king of tyranny” oppression model that we are all growing out of now. They can only mimic from what they’ve heard before and there is no true creativity. They will sound like a series of broken-records, that if people listen will continue to play. But of course, we know these games by now and this is not the most powerful essence in the public anymore.

True power comes from within, from the self, the true self which is eternal and goes beyond the physical confines of this reality.

You will know more and more who is telling the truth in these times and who is just trying to pass the buck or gain attention because they will be either speaking from the soul and true-self eternal spirit and this will resonate and help you see from the soul and true-self eternal spirit which is part of the process of finding answers and removing trauma/delusion.

Then you will see those attempting to gain more and more power, through more and more egotistically centered ways attempting to push all others out of view for their own benefit which will serve to bury their message and their soul in the end.

Focus on the soul, take and process the information that nourishes your ability to remain centered in the seat of the soul and spirit beyond the physical and materialistic desires. This is a higher-dimensional process within a higher-dimensional multi-verse, that is the basis.


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