Everyone Can Be Healed

Everyone can be healed.This is about creating what we want to see, the world we want to live in, not destroying others. Violence begets more violence, fear begets more fear, but calmness and empowerment through unity creates a more stable experience.

The entire issue of what’s going on with the secret projects and who’s influencing who on the world stage revolves around the possibility that some people may be from an alternate Universe.

We are learning how to avoid those mistakes and respect the environment and each other so that we can prosper.

Those who are attempting to destroy everything they don’t like or act out in a childish manner in order to gain attention and false-power over another will only find themselves powerless and in company they would rather not be with.

That is one way we are being utilized, and it’s to create an entire world that we don’t want to see but are tricked into manifesting. This is a deception and it’s based on the ego and the ability to concentrate and interpret reality around us. The very brainwaves we are feeling now relate to various heights of knowledge or experience. People are entrained to low brainwave states in the same way the TV will cause people to fall half asleep into theta state which is a trance state in this case.

We have to increase the brainwave frequencies and learn to create feedback loops by watching ourselves watch ourselves. This will help us avoid the trauma and mental pollution that is being pumped out, although at this point there are enough people who are naturally inclined to see through the haze that the world is changing regardless of what anyone does now.

The best we can do is prepare for change by becoming aware of the body-mind system and how that which we eat physically, mentally and emotionally equates to our spiritual energetic systems and that we are literally comprised of the energies that we allow inside of us.

Keep the body and mind pure as if it were a temple. This way a sacred process of transferring harmonious energy from the far reaches of the MultiVerse within into the externally perceiving senses of the physical body can be initiated which allow one to see through the illusions and operate their body and mind with the ability to acknowledge and decide which frequencies will exist within.

Without this acknowledgement of the center then people are pushed around by the external stimuli. This is the whole point, if a person is truly in control, then they will control the stimuli not the other way around.

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