Technology of the Future and Ego Consciousness

Some of my memories of operations and travel experiences involve moving through time to ancient Aegypt which is beyond what anyone can imagine from this current perspective.

We are in the process of unveiling now as certain changes have been introduced to this civilization in order to balance out the disharmonies that we are experiencing here and now.

The power of the technology of the present moment leads to a future where a person can do almost anything they can imagine, if not anything they can imagine and more.

People must get over ego insecurities, violent ways, irrational fears, delusions, and addictions to pains and pleasures in order for that future to sustain and project Humanity into the far reaches of eternity.

In short, Humanity learns and regains the power to discern between that which is of the self and that which is of the physical plane.

Some of this technology is healing or mentally focusing purely crystalline vibratory generators or emitters while other technology is more electronic and digital holographic and leads into other areas and uses.


Questions and Comments

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