Water, Acidic or Alkaline

Repeat video. Everyone should know the water you drink is either acidic or alkaline, acid is where disease grows, alkaline is safe for the body and promotes health. Most health stores are incorporating reverse osmosis machines into their stores and can be used to obtain weekly or monthly water for cheap. There are also alkalizing minerals that can be used to bring up the pH. Acidification is a source of disease and suffering.

Bottled water will have the chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride and toxins as well the benzene will leech into the water from the plastic. Use BPA or glass containers.

To check and see if you will feel immediate results, try Core water or Fiji which may still have minute amounts of fluoride but are alkalizing for the body. A day or two of drinking that water will let you know if you’re acidic. You’ll possibly feel an increase of energy, clarity and better digestive functions.


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