Simulators or Other Worlds?

As of now, I have to explain this in a certain manner. No one on the outside knows for sure, but everyone has their theories. I was on the inside and I still don’t know for sure.

There are simulators that have been designed that operate off of the the human brain. These can also extend into what we would call a “higher dimension” and say, if a person is asleep, then these simulators can pull the person out of their body and operate on a temporal plane that does not require the brain or body.

This seems to be most reasonable because the brain and body does not become stressed from this method if the experience becomes very intense. If returned to the body, the body will be perfectly fine and calm. There is an apparent disconnect between the body and the realm of the experience that takes place and in what is called the “temporal realm” or the temporal body.

With these simulators there are also time dilation results that are possible with various generators that ultimately create an undulation in space and time itself which is inextricably linked to consciousness.

One of the experiences that I began to explore in the “awakening” of 2010 which took place on different areas of the timeline for those others who were present there and are speaking out publicly now, was a city, plane or simulator populated entirely by reptilian beings.

If these beings are real and not just a computer simulator as has been predicted and discussed, then I visited a planet that was entirely populated by them.

In this situation I witnessed their psychology, their means of nourishment, their embodiments, their city structure, and their social structure.

I will release more on this in time, very soon, but these beings seem to feed on the nourishment that is found in a weaker being amongst them. This would seem to be a human if they can get the chance to bring a human there through trickery or entrapment but I am not sure how this process works as they are not physical beings in this “home” realm.

This is a temporal plane and it is either this way indicating that it is a complicated computer simulator being ran by quantum supercomputers and these are merely programs. Or that it is a quantum supercomputer inhabited by what were once human consciousness that became changed and grown into these beings that operate a bit differently.

Or it is a temporal plane that is ran and operated from the temporal plane where these beings naturally reside from a kind of “above” the physical layer perspective.

Another, possibly wayward, possibility is that all beings are physical as well as temporal and energetic and these beings merely reside in a temporal, energetic home realm which is powered by energy generators and comprised entirely of their consciousness and a baseline energetic foundation that becomes the “plane”. Then, that these beings can become physical, just as much as any energeic human being is a physical being that is or “once was”, in a higher realm, an energetic being. It would be considered a notion then, that with enough nourishment energy this particular  group Reptoid beings can too become physical and inhabit a physical plane in the same way as Humans do. The question then is, is this how all beings become physical, or is there something different in the Human being considering the flow of energy and higher consciousness maybe that they can produce their own energy instead?

Energy was used to sustain the city and sustain the population. The social structure was very much like that of kings, rulers, soldiers, workers and the weak. It was a complete social hierarchy based very much on a power struggle that is deemed entirely masculine and of the reptilian brain functioning. Fear was a form of sustenance for them, as was what seemed to be a form of energy coming from human souls.

These beings, whether part of a simulator or a temporal realm, are plentiful and very strong and pursuant in their interests. They are motivated by natural instincts of hunger and pleasure and have no use for the more feminine essence expressions that humans are capable of like small talk, creative expression, or intuitive emotions. They are guided almost entirely by masculine essence, fear-pleasure signals and this comes from the downward flow of commands traveling through the hierarchy of the society until the ones at the top are fed at the expense of those at the bottom.
This is 100% very much like the monetary and political hierarchy we have on this planet. It was almost indistinguishable to understand the political hierarchy that we have as “different” because everything is a top down hierarchy and in reality those at the top are truly feeding on those below them, even if on this planet, those below are too stupid to notice.

It would seem as if I lived with these beings for a period of time to get to know their weaknesses, talents, flaws, and motivations. This journey came to a transition point when things got a bit out of hand and what you could call a city-wide “riot” began between a race of surface dwelling lizard beings and myself and my energy.

Note: This doesn’t necessarily indicate that the experience itself was to lead to that, this was pretty much the routine for each scenario that I was being faced with that day. Energy was moving in patterns that became very unstable as a result of many circumstantial elements which were most surely planned as part of the event.

The reason I am telling you is that if this is a “fake” a simulator, although it felt very real, then this could be used to scare the population and coerce them into a false-tyranny social system. If this is “real” then these beings could possibly take an interest to Earth (which they already have, whether through the invention of a simulator or the real thing) and at some point want to make contact, most likely for their own benefit, which is reasonable for them considering the situation.

So now you are informed, I have been to the race of what we call the “lizard people” on their home planet and the artifacts and social structure that I witnessed (intimately so) there is reminiscent of the draconian social structure that we have witnessed here on Earth for so many years. So there is a definite connection between the two races and somehow we have seen each other before whether knowingly or unknowingly and this is why Earth is in such a precarious position with the knowledge that they retained and the social structure and political hierarchy that no one seems to agree with.

This is a part draconian society and until people come to terms with that they’ll be living in a form of cosmic delusion not knowing why things are the way they are whether they are suffering or merely confused.

The two societies seemed to have met in the past and this is the important part of the unveiling that we will be witnessing here and now. Possibly within a short amount of time such knowledge will have to be unveiled to better prepare the people for what is about to come.

To conclude, this experience was both before and after the real “threatening” experience. This is not the true threat. The true threat is something one must be prepared for in order to know.

In hindsight this conclusion seems limiting and I’ll just continue a bit further. What is motivating consciousness to degrade from a trinary higher functioning model into a binary instinctual needs model is that which is disrupting Humanity’s ascent towards higher awareness and the ability to discern and travel between planes of the spiritual and physical realm. Self-awareness is the path through which we steady ourselves as individuals and come to know the great connection to source within.

5 thoughts on “Simulators or Other Worlds?

  1. When my son was 3 years old, he picked up on of my crystals (a Tibetan quartz with black inclusions), and almost immediately, his eyes got wide and he tells me he used to be a lizard person. He went on to describe where he used to live (planet with lots of trees and round houses), then started crying profusely for his “lizard grandpa.” This went on every night for nearly a week. He also described some type of craft he used to fly, and was really confused as why we don’t have them here. It was all very sad; we did our best to comfort and reassure him, but his memory was unlocked and there was nothing we could do about it.

    After he started asking for his lizard grandpa an entity began entering the back of the house the middle of the night. I would sense it and wake up, and my son would start to whimper and cry as it entered his room. I never actually saw it, but a friend who does energy work happened to be in the area and stayed with us at the end of that week. I did not tell her what was going on at first—I wanted to see if she sensed the entity, and she did. She confirmed its path through the house and said it was dark and large (around 7-8ft). We worked together to seal the house, and it no longer entered. My son stopped talking about his lizard life, and things went back to normal. It was a very strange experience to say the least!

    Years later, when he was 8 or 9, we were camping and one of his sisters asked a question about past lives, I can’t remember exactly what she said, but my son put his head between his hands for a couple of minutes, then popped up with surprise and said, “I used to be a lizard person!”. My husband and I looked at each other, and braced ourselves, but nothing more was said.

    Anyway, I thought you might find these experiences interesting in terms of whether this race is simulated or real. My son is an interesting person… He is wicked smart and creative, and although he can be very kind and caring, he has little regard for how he makes others feel, and will not modify his behavior to suit others (a positive quality when used properly). He completely resists/rejects being told what to do, and insists on being in control and dominating all situations (all of this since he could express himself). Needless to say, it has been very difficult to raise him; every day is fraught emotional and mental challenges, but I have always felt that he choose us for a reason, and vice versa. He will be moving out soon, and it will be interesting to see how things go. Anyhow, thank you for this post. It gives me some deeper insight into his behavior, and perhaps a better idea of what he/we are here to work on together.

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