The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time

By staying in peace and connection with the truth and the original spirit we bridge the gaps and heal the confusion. All one can do is keep working with the ideas to get more knowledge. No humans are from here. This is a programmed artificial timeline that can only collapse by the time the end of the programming is reached/runs out.

This is higher dimensionality. There are no ‘singular’ objects in space/time, everything is an ebbing and flowing, just like the body. You are a Universe, all humans are. Physical bodies, the entire physical Universe, doesn’t exist unless you look at it. So this place wasn’t here until it was created through these processes, hence artificial timeline.

Spirit is the highest form, mind and emotion are connected to soul which is basically programming that is left over on the spirit from remaining in the physical dimension. Simply seek and intend with your being, then you receive simultaneously and from then on.
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Energetic Ideals and The Original Timeline

It is through the remembering of energetic ideals and principles for self-awareness that we regain the knowledge and awareness of the original realm.

By remembering, same as enacting, embodying, or creating, the eternal ideals of balance and harmony through energy, mind, emotion, and spirit, we literally re-remember, or recreate our access into the source timeline of humanity.

These ideals can only be interacted with from the higher to the lower. By interacting through and with these ideals in the Universe, we simultaneously create and reconnect with the source of our existence beyond all artificial and temporally manipulated timelines.
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Is An Artificial Intelligence Controlling the Planet?

Is An Artificial Intelligence Controlling the Planet?

Video from Miles Johnston Bases Project

Kozyrev Mirror: Instantaneous artificial telepathy across space. The next version allows for transfer across space AND time. Scalar wave physics, somehow.

Other topics discussed are the Universe as an organic holographic reality where something created an inorganic mind matrix which we are currently experiencing.

  • We access the morphogenic field through our imagination and this is our co-creator ability
  • The inorganic matrix does not have this imaginative co-creative capability
  • CERN and punching through dimensional voids or gaps
  • Duality, binary entities, trinary consciousness, geometries and dimensions
  • Time/space, zero-point and Earth as a focus point between the past and future
  • Energy Harvesting on Earth
  • Interdimensional Archon Energy
  • “Kicking Each other out of bed” – Collective Responsibility
  • 1000 years of inserted, manufactured history to give back-story for current rulers
  • The quantum singularity transforming the potential unmanifest into physical reality

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