Energetic Ideals and The Original Timeline

It is through the remembering of energetic ideals and principles for self-awareness that we regain the knowledge and awareness of the original realm.

By remembering, same as enacting, embodying, or creating, the eternal ideals of balance and harmony through energy, mind, emotion, and spirit, we literally re-remember, or recreate our access into the source timeline of humanity.

These ideals can only be interacted with from the higher to the lower. By interacting through and with these ideals in the Universe, we simultaneously create and reconnect with the source of our existence beyond all artificial and temporally manipulated timelines.

It seems as if we are connecting with and finding ourselves in this eternal state. In this way it seems as if we are eternally in the source realm, waiting for the awareness we embody here to ‘catch up’ and re-remember who we really are which is an original  being that exists outside of, before and after all artificial timelines and states that are temporary.


In this view, all temporary cycles, implants, artificial experiences, etc etc etc, do not have the ability to interact with or tarnish the original source realm which exists above and beyond the entire artificial timeline which is generated through temporal and
spiritual manipulation schemes.

The ideals are simply that which you would recognize yourself as and through from the original timeline. These ideals are that which generate a continuation of life and self-awareness and see experience as a means to create more knowledge and self-awareness rather than the be-all of existence. In this view there is no end, no beginning.


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