The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time

By staying in peace and connection with the truth and the original spirit we bridge the gaps and heal the confusion. All one can do is keep working with the ideas to get more knowledge. No humans are from here. This is a programmed artificial timeline that can only collapse by the time the end of the programming is reached/runs out.

This is higher dimensionality. There are no ‘singular’ objects in space/time, everything is an ebbing and flowing, just like the body. You are a Universe, all humans are. Physical bodies, the entire physical Universe, doesn’t exist unless you look at it. So this place wasn’t here until it was created through these processes, hence artificial timeline.

Spirit is the highest form, mind and emotion are connected to soul which is basically programming that is left over on the spirit from remaining in the physical dimension. Simply seek and intend with your being, then you receive simultaneously and from then on.

Ending the matrix is done by ending the programming codes within and around us. They are in the DNA and the environment and they are based on fear and autonomy. We are essentially in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

You are capable of knowing the truth, the truth of humanity’s original timeline, the true creative essence and the power of love over fear. This is the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge of Humanity. We ALL lived through it. We were ALL there. People don’t come from space. They come from the heart of The Earth

All times and spaces are occurring right now, same time same place. We are a coalescence of information and experiences that produces knowledge. Think. If you weren’t. If there was an “end”, then why haven’t you experienced it yet? Because it doesn’t exist, because there is no such thing as an end or a beginning in life itself.

It would be as if a disco-ball is shining and each life is a sparkle on the wall. There is no “one life” there for no “different lives” it is all just one projection from spirit. When we witness this we gain access to more and more information. This is experienced here as *this* life simply becoming more aware, more balanced, more healthy, and our spirit gaining more control.

For this life to be a dream, then the other life is more real? All lives are real, by that I mean the spiritual plane is real. This plane, this life, is JUST as real. It is merely a projection that is operating on a different format/schematic and that is one that includes delay and  distinction in order to maintain itself. It is a dream in that way. In the same way, DREAMS themselves, are still real. They are projections from within and we are experiencing them and the mind and brain will really feel and learn from what we experience and do in those states.

It may be the perception of separation or distinction between the dreams and this waking reality that is the illusion.


5 thoughts on “The Higher Dimensional Dream-Time

  1. More Illumina in your face Gnostic revelations as by divine decree they must tell the truth and can only hold sway over you if you accept it as this is a free-will universe…Setesh and Ra talking in Gods of Egypt movie. As the light fell, Set, became dark Set-an/Satan, challenges Ra as he doesn’t want to die and go back into the source, instead he needs to feed on the energy here (nile/or spirits in the real world) to stay alive without the true light energy sustaining him. En.Ki/EA (King of the EA-rth) Lucifer/Set-an(nunaki)/Satan. These beings are hypocrites. Ra is the closest manifestation to God in the physical realms, the right hand of God/Michael/Jesus…or as the Disturbed – The Vengeful One song goes…you created a monster with wrath when you took my own. The Black Dragon of Kaos (Mind Parasites) and The Red dragon (Annunaki/Draco etc) vs the Golden Dragon of Ra….the ultimate manifestation of the clearing and the police force of creation:


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