Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 2


2 thoughts on “Aug Tellez Emma Gold Transmission 2

  1. This information is absolutely mind blowing and resonates so powerfully for me. Especially when combined with Transmission 1 (and yes I listened to both recordings in their entirety). These recordings have presented me with many missing pieces to “the puzzle” I have been working on for so long regarding the “truth” that has been hidden from humanity. This material goes deep into the constructs of what we perceive as “reality” with careful articulation. It is raw and WAY out there in some moments, and Aug & Emma make such a great team generating this DEEP information into an amazing conversation. I hope to hear more transmissions in the future. Aug, thank you for sticking with it and bringing your information to the public – instead of just giving event/surface details you strive to give us a big picture view of what, why and how things are happening – and what a monumental task that is. Even though the material can sometimes be quite dense and deep, I want you to know that some of us are “getting it” and following the stream – I am committed to sharing and having conversations with people about this and I know I am not alone. Have faith man, the people that are ready “to know” will start to show up. Blessings.


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