Another MiLabs Testimony

If you didn’t know, MiLabs is a very advanced military society which has been abducting and experimenting on human life. We cannot point fingers or create a “who’s who” until we have all the information or simply more than we do in the beginning.

More of these videos will be coming out from those breaking through the programming and bringing the truth to the public.

Please share and inform others. The way this will work to protect Humanity is if and when the public accepts the truth and information coming from these individuals and learns from that.

The truth is not going to come out from a clear channel through any mainstream media. If we have to resort to that, then we have missed the opportunity to gain the truth.

The truth is coming out now, right before your eyes. I’ll do my part and put together a page that will assist in organizing and presenting these individuals to you, the public.

Again, please share and inform the others. If you even have an idea of what the so called essence of “love” is you will inform those who you feel are ready to know the truth so that they may better protect themselves and prepare for what is coming.






Questions and Comments

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