The Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cube is a device that was utilized in experimentations with enhancing the human brain to a level of efficiency far beyond what we experience in daily waking life. Continue reading

Directed By BRAD BIRD 
20 May 2015 
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Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

I was informed that there was a plan to transfer the wealth of the ruling bloodlines to the other side of society.  This was said to be to assist in the transition to a society where the “hidden knowledge” becomes “unveiled” and known by all.

It was said this is to be a civilization wide shift and that the elite are aware of this eventual change coming but have been delaying and waiting until this age of Humanity.

It is that the people are ready to know the truth, so no matter how much don’t want to know, those that are ready will come to know the truth. Continue reading

Maryam Saleh, a Cyberkinetics Inc. clinical research assistant,  holds a brain gate censor, which will be implanted beneath the skull, at the company in Foxboro, Mass., Tuesday, April 13, 2004.   Cyberkinetics of Foxboro has received Food and Drug Administration approval to begin a clinical trial in which four-square-millimeter chips will be implanted beneath the skulls of paralyzed patients. If successful, the chips could allow patients to send computer commands, essentially by thinking about them. (AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki)

Celebrity Cloning

Initial Explanation

Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for pay-to-play sessions.

They asked me to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events.

The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology. This is technology that can read the brain and determine what the mind is anticipating or speculating upon. Continue reading