Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

I was informed that there was a plan to transfer the wealth of the ruling bloodlines to the other side of society.  This was said to be to assist in the transition to a society where the “hidden knowledge” becomes “unveiled” and known by all.

It was said this is to be a civilization wide shift and that the elite are aware of this eventual change coming but have been delaying and waiting until this age of Humanity.

It is that the people are ready to know the truth, so no matter how much don’t want to know, those that are ready will come to know the truth.

If people come together collectively by individually stating their LACK OF CONSENT and living in accordance with their will to not cause harm or be harmed by others, then they will receive a reflection of that. People have to DEMAND the TRUTH if they want to see how the monetary system has been until now based on fraud and deception.

The system that is currently dissolving is based on fraud and deception and it is no longer relevant for any kind of actively aware society of Humans. There is no use in holding on to the old system although there are “events” to be set up in accordance with making this shift easier for humanity.

Slowly the truth will reveal itself and this will be supported and protected from help that is capable of influencing many, if not all, aspects of this society.

As the technological system changes, so will the monetary and energy system which is outdated and inefficient. With this change comes great responsibility for humanity to make the decision to use their new found energy and power limits to co-create a beneficial and aware world for themselves and each other.

Stating our lack of consent en masse is a central part of this. But therein lies the great challenge that not only do people have to be informed of these issues, they must have the conviction to remove themselves from any deception based systems and live in respect to that.

Along with this, we must consider that if we the people do not facilitate this return of balance that this shift may be initiated from the inside. This could include a controlled deflation of the welfare system until complete dissolution. This would kickstart the process of awareness although this would be a severe shock to those who are comfortable and complacent with having all aspects of their lives manipulated and controlled for someone else’s profit.

It was decided that the current deception based monetary system as well as other systems would be transferred into the control of the public. What this indicates is that the people we feel would be in control of these elements no longer require them for their own plans. As a result, people will gain technology and abilities that goes beyond what is currently imagined.

This is a double-edged sword because people will have the option of instant self-gratification for almost any aspect of the current society we live in today. Those who lack self-control will literally be burdened by this to the point of causing a disruption in their spiritual growth process. People will literally be “freed” from this control system and allowed to do what they want.

There will be ground level arrests of individuals still operating as the handlers of the old system and this will be to open people’s minds to the possibility that they can gain access to life without the deception system. This is to involve deception based political members as well.

If people make the shift and mentally disconnect from the continual gossip and duality based system that controls public opinion and dictates how people interpret reality, then they will demand the truth and receive change on a civilization-wide level.

As a conclusion, remember, the monetary shift is just a reminder that there is tech that nullifies all energy requirements and with that sustenance and all basic needs of Humanity. As a result, every other system will have to shift with it. This depends on the fundamental ability for people to break the mass mind control programming and wake up to the self-responsibility that is required for a reasonable co-creative process.



10 thoughts on “Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

  1. Read on May 2020 COVID exposing faulty market, blockchain technology is being ushered in, VISA just applied for blockchain patent, China leading the way in establishing national digital blockchain, very interesting time to stumble upon your writing…


  2. Thank you for your insight and comprehensive information. Did you know Max Spier who recently died? What can you s a y about his passing?


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