xtChakras are energy centers that run up the spine.

They can be used to influence a person or manipulate, like people pressing people’s buttons or even not a mental effect, but being in the same room as someone and feeling the energy. If it’s lower emotional it is often through the energy system that one can feel affects. If it’s mental is can be often through the mind/brain link and the higher centers.


The lower or root chakra functions based on how dependent the individual is on outside help or the perspectives of others in order to align their sense of self. A person who’s been heavily traumatized has a damaged sense of self security and this can be used for manipulation of energy or bio-emissions.


After that is the sacral or sexual center which sources from one’s level of security of the previous level and their primal sense of self and the internal balances of choices of sensory pleasures through desires.


The next level is the solar plexus which functions to govern self-identity and self perception that is born from the way one responds to the ebbs and flows of the previous two levels of desires and security. One who balances the previous two will have a balanced sense of self perception.


Then the next level is of the heart and based on the previous and a person who can accept themselves for how they know life through their previous systems of balancing security and desire will have heart.


The next is the throat which is a balance of the previous and includes the ability for one to communicate and connect their heart to others in order to transfer internal knowledge to the world.


The next is the “third eye” which is a psychic sense and is used for protection or programming depending on how the person was awakened and how well the previous layers are stabilized and balanced.


The next is the crown and wraps the entire system up into an vortex of spirit which is aware of the entirety of the Human experience while being aware of the cosmic identity as well.

This complete physical form becomes the “lower half” of the energetic cosmic form above.

When the top is reached the energy goes to the top and bottom and initiates a shift in perspective which allows a person to transfer the knowledge of the cosmos to another.

There are both more chakras below as well as above connecting to higher cycles and this will become more publicly understood in this age.

Chakra Abuse


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