Read this: Aaron McCollum – The ‪Transhumanism‬ Pandemic

Only just began reading but these are the words of an operative who was on the inside. From what I can see, he is telling you plain as day. He’s telling you as plain as can be.

In the same way the body is felt through certain areas of the brain and we feel “in” the body as well as with feeling and perception, a holographic computer system working with processors set up to function like neurons and cloud networks can recreate this process and give the electromagnetic consciousness of the individual a holographic “place” to be and “body”-form to perceive within.

This is the basis of the holographic brain-machine-interface that I have heard called a brainchip interface.

This is the technology behind the ‘audio-visual’ hallucinations which is actually closer to a fully immersed virtual-reality system that “houses” the consciousness of an individual.

The question is whether this can then work without the brainchip fully integrating into the brain, actively. Such as when the body dies, would the “consciousness, soul or mind” still live on in the machine. I haven’t read enough yet to know if this book answers them, but I am certain that they will be touched upon and explained further.

If you are interested in knowing how this technology works and the situation regarding the transhumanist agenda that is taking place right now, then read this book.

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