Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement

Team light and team dark agreed to a non-interference on ground level rule in order to determine how history would play out.

Think about it. You have two groups of people, both with immortality, zero-point tech, virtually infinite energy and power with two opposing directives. How do you get to the future?

It was decided by elders of each group that there would be no point in fighting an all-out overt war, this would likely destroy the population as much as it would destroy the Earth.

As well, the elders of the elders which no body knows would likely have a problem with these groups going at it in such a way so as to change the flow of the planet for every individual thereafter.

So it was decided that there would be a “non-interference” agreement for the surface population. Anywhere other than the surface, one can interact with the current population.

All Contact Must Be Initiated On An Individual Basis

On the surface everything that is generated must be done so through living channels in the population and the civilization must be preserved in its level of technological advancement. No overt motions would be used unless an absolute necessity or the majority of the civilian population had naturally come to the awareness of these possibilities. Doing so before this was met would undoubtedly and permanently change the civilization forever.

So what began as a collective motion towards higher awareness became a series of advancements and set-backs all taking place within a short amount of time. This represents the actions and operations of either side effectively helping humanity along it’s path or setting people back with orchestrated events such as the suppression of ancient knowledge, the manipulation of the education or other systems, or the generation of war and prison for profit based on the previous alterations of the education or other systems.

So team dark used its power to help turn society in a warlock ruled prison and de-education system of absurdity and scarcity. Team light used their power to help awaken those in need and protect those who’s actions are beneficial in the overall plan to save mankind from itself. Team light essentially buffers and shields the population from the operations of team dark.

Team light follows a non-interference agreement while team dark merely pretends to do so as much as is necessary not initiate war.

A Singularity of Change and Awareness

Neither side wants an all out war. This would reduce team dark’s chances of gaining a majority negative harvest because their motives and presence would be instantly revealed. Team light would also have to show themselves and again step in which is not a pattern of learning that prepares people for the experience of the self and the truth in the Universe.

Both sides know people have to accept the path they can offer them and cannot force anyone into it. They also know that the more this goes on the more likely people are to collectively awaken to the reality of what is happening. It is like an eventual singularity of increased awareness.

The motions we see today are the results of many people coming into awareness at this time on the surface in order to initiate a harmonic alignment as well as to investigate the ongoing crimes against Humanity.

As a result of this, both teams know that the likelihood of collective shift and spiritual awareness is becoming more and more real.

Many events are being allowed because they are representing the eventual shift towards the one end of the polarity from the other which is felt as a shock to society, and this is used to propel society forward through whatever means necessary.

Either people will see what’s happening and agree that we’ve been in a feedback cycle of negativity for the entire age of existence this civilization is aware of, and then we will shift into the real. Or people will claim that this is how things are supposed to work and instead of realizing everything is controlled in a deception based system, they see this and attempt to use the deception based system to gain more collective awareness. If this occurs by the majority then it will be seen as an “acceptance” to initiate a plan that will generate the overt perception of a deception and oppression system. This will surely shock the collective into realizing where they are.

If the majority comes to awareness of this deception based system then the shift moves from the end of the age of deception and external power into the age of internal awareness and harmony.

Advanced Technology and Ancient Knowledge

The plan is to slowly release advanced technology which will undoubtedly connect with and increase the awareness of ancient knowledge. Such technology nullifies the problems that the planet is currently plagued with, although without a developed sense of the spiritual self the technology becomes destructive.


7 thoughts on “Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement

  1. I have had dreams and memorys of most of the stuff you speak of and want to get help to heal myself and humanity. I gess what I want to know is what should I do? And who can I talk with? Also thank you ..

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    1. Speaking from direct experience…healing others heals you. The more effort you put into others the more the light puts into you as you’re seen as someone wanting to wake up and to get out of this sticky mess. First thing you have to do though is to be able to discern who is actually a person with spirit and who is a background decoration of this illusory realm. That is something personal and can only be obtained by constant deep meditation. Good luck.


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