Changes to Come, Accelerated Awareness

Factory Farming, Unsustainability

Factory farming is an obstacle to Humanity’s survival in the future. This kind of production is part of the old world and will not be allowed to advance into the next. Those who wish to experience this kind of existence will be able to do so under their own free-will from this moment extending into the future so that there is a situation where they can experience that.

Earth Changes

Geological changes are coming that will change the way we view the Earth. Many changes involving the sky, the ground, the waters and the eco-systems are already present and very apparent.

There are solar shifts which occur possibly in tandem with polarizations of the electromagnetic field in certain areas. These have long been prophesied and recently theorized. Today they are understand as solar cycles of high and low activity.

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The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

I have been cloned multiple times and I have seen human technology that makes 4D replication possible as well as technology of an unknown source that works on a 5D or higher level.

There is also technology that quickly ‘teaches’ the brain of a clone the functions and muscle memory that the original had to learn. Continue reading “The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology”

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

The Awakening of “2010”

In 2010 I experienced what is called an “awakening” which is memory unsuppression through a removal of trauma. This is achieved by bringing the trauma and programming to the surface and dissolving it. This process is as painful as the development of the trauma which is utilized to create altered personalities. This removal of trauma is what we are looking at for the world and I feel this is part of why these events took place in a controlled environment with a controlled amount of individuals in this process. This process also took place between multiple times. Continue reading “Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting”