Changes to Come, Accelerated Awareness

Factory Farming, Unsustainability

Factory farming is an obstacle to Humanity’s survival in the future. This kind of production is part of the old world and will not be allowed to advance into the next. Those who wish to experience this kind of existence will be able to do so under their own free-will from this moment extending into the future so that there is a situation where they can experience that.

Earth Changes

Geological changes are coming that will change the way we view the Earth. Many changes involving the sky, the ground, the waters and the eco-systems are already present and very apparent.

There are solar shifts which occur possibly in tandem with polarizations of the electromagnetic field in certain areas. These have long been prophesied and recently theorized. Today they are understand as solar cycles of high and low activity.

Increasing Awareness of All

Awareness of this is spreading rapidly throughout society, the advances in technology make this possible now although the concentration and desire of society is being turned outward instead of inward. We must turn inward at an even greater rate as accelerations of both kinds of changes take place.

Share knowledge with personal ingenuity and find honesty and power in the role of sharing the truth with others. Focus on balance in the center of perspective so that distractions and are not allowed to grow into view. Stay in the center. Emotional vampires have no place in the sharing of the truth.

Changing Social and Political Structure of Leadership

Social awareness and structure will adapt as people adapt to their increasing self-awareness. Systems that rely on lack of awareness and lack of resources will dissolve as they are already. If people wish to hold on to a dissolving system then they will get to experience that. If they would like to see true change and take inner responsibility for their space and their existence then this possibility is presenting itself.

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