Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

The Awakening of “2010”

In 2010 I experienced what is called an “awakening” which is memory unsuppression through a removal of trauma. This is achieved by bringing the trauma and programming to the surface and dissolving it. This process is as painful as the development of the trauma which is utilized to create altered personalities. This removal of trauma is what we are looking at for the world and I feel this is part of why these events took place in a controlled environment with a controlled amount of individuals in this process. This process also took place between multiple times.


I was told to share my experiences with the world. I felt this could be used as a form of controlled disinformation and so I chose to separate myself from that process. As a result I was experiencing a revival of programming which was initiated after and as a result of that decision. This was a version of what is called “omega” programming and in this form is a self-destruct program. I sustained some injuries from both maintenance and control ‘events’ that I found myself in after I responded in a reactionary manner and brought about more suffering than was necessary for everyone around me. As well, my suffering was used as part of the programming process for myself and others. This is just one aspect of how an individual can be emotionally and mentally manipulated to fit a role within a preconceived ‘script’ or scenario.

The scenarios used for programming or conditioning dealt with the supercomputer simulators, extra-terrestrial life, the true nature of the Universe and consciousness, the possibility of extinction level events, the possibility to reverse and heal those events, time and the mainstream accepted order of the events of the far-past to the present and into the far-future, and many other serious issues which the world can benefit from knowing about as long as people can decide the truth on their own. As a result of world events as well as personal cues I will inform people who are capable of knowing the truth about their world.


This part is difficult to comprehend. In 2014 I found myself waking up in surgery in a kind of mind-blanked state and I was interacting with two surgeons who seemed to be operating on my body using very advanced laser light that penetrated the skin without leaving a mark. I’m not sure what this was about, whether I was being protected and repaired, or damaged although I do have some memories from 2010 that relate. This is why I say that event (a series of events) took place over multiple days and multiple times but was all condensed into one experience. A NAZI scientists assured me that they would be utilizing a technique to manipulate the muscles in a specific way that may or may not be necessary to explain here.

So sure enough this was talked about in 2010 and was a real event in 2014 where I went in for surgery on my shoulder. I was sedated before the operating room and so I didn’t recognize anyone there at first but this was most likely planned because I probably wouldn’t have remained on table if I had remembered everything before hand.

One of the individuals in the room was a NAZI scientists from various situations and the other was a surgeon I had known, some where I was operated on while awake in an underground base.So I awoke to them using very advanced technology on me. While this was happening I was interacting with them outside my body attempting to understand. Soon I fell back asleep into my body and I had noticed someone behind them operating a device standing up and it seemed they were attempting to magnetically pull my consciousness from the body.

I remained centered and so I stayed in the body and this was one of the ways that an unaware child could be beckoned out of their body. If I had left this may have been an opportunity to sever the “silver cord”. It seems that most other times I was utilized or programmed it was through my consent of leaving the balance of the body and going into a dream state that can be carefully controlled and manipulated through advanced technology that interfaces with the mind.

Between 2011 and 2013, either a street theater of the highest magnitude was performed or I experience more than one attempt on my life. In 2011 I was running across a road and perceived a fast moving truck coming close enough for the lights to touch me, but felt myself ‘bumped’ to the other side of the street as the truck flew through a yellow light at around 60-70 miles per hour.

Before this, possibly in 2010, I witnessed a day-light call up and I felt myself and the entire car I was driving transported to another area of the Earth. This could be easily recreated as “teleportation” through cloning if a similar car was located in another area with a clone of mine inside. All that would be necessary would be to active the clone and transfer consciousness through out.

I felt like this was another country based on the energy and architecture. I was instructed through mind link to drive forward on a certain road where I witnessed another vehicle strike an individual who flipped up and bounced off the hood quite like in a movie. I was instructed to drive by and look at her to ensure she was still moving. This individual seemed surprisingly well for what had happened and I wanted to stop but was guided to continue driving.

I was ‘transported’ back to the original location and I had a minor flip out while pulling over and getting ready to notify someone when I was approached by an operative and informed that this would be an irrational decision because no one would believe me anyway. I got in the car and drove off unaware of what I had set out to do that day in the first place. These events were control systems in place for certain groups.

In 2013 I was vulnerable from exhaustion and given a sleep command from a mind link system and I woke up to the vehicle’s speed passing 80 miles an hour and I was quickly coming up to the tail lights of a slow moving SUV on the highway. I swerved to avoid them and fishtailed 3-4 times with one set of wheels in the grass each time. Still moving around 50 miles per hour I slid sideways towards the left side of a granite rock-molded bridge directly lined up with the length and height I the driver side door. This would’ve most likely crunched the car like a metal can with the most impact being where I was sitting.

As I slid towards the rock protrusion the front tires of the car, now sliding on pavement with the back tires in the grass, gripped and propelled the car forward. I could possibly touch the side of the bridge that I would otherwise be making a complete perpendicular impact with through the window. Somehow the car screeched forward and moved just enough onto the road way that the car slid sideways onto the bridge. At this point the car was moving perpendicular to the road now and immediately  impacted the right side of the inside of the bridge still perpendicular but about 10-20 feet passed the initial entrance of the bridge. If the cars tires didn’t catch as just the right moment to propel the car onto the road to slide sideways through the entrance to the bridge the rock-wall would’ve punched through the driver side door and wrapped the car around it.

Sure enough an unmarked vehicle was following me and stopped long enough, after others had arrived, to take pictures make a joke about feeling like he was still at work and then drive off.

Technological Precognition

These events were discussed in 2010. Towards the completion of that experience I was allowed to see or rather be tested with a device that accelerates one’s mind and allows them to see into the subconscious as well as the Universe/time-space itself. So one of the “dream-visions” that the device showed me, which also doubled as a trip through hell when utilized in that way, was an experience of a fatal accident where I was crushed by some considerably heavy object.  I relayed to the operator running the machine that I must’ve hit a tree (I would appear in front of the device again at each “death” within these reality streams that could be experienced). He chuckled at the comment because, I assume, he could see everything I was experiencing through a mind-link connected “monitor”.


I’ve been cloned multiple times and so this is partly about the possibility of my coming forth on those subjects. I’ve seen a timeline where I am cloned or replicated into a different state and this could be many things. This could be the life of a clone of myself living in a better state in another part of the world that I regularly receive visions of and sometimes live as in my dreams.

They may be attempt to get me to give up this body while another individual will present themselves as “me” while being a different soul, personality, or true identity.

Celebrity Cloning

This is something I must continue to inform the public about because it is the truth and I was personally given the opportunity to know these things and I must stay true to the belief that people can be helped.

Celebrities are called up for cloning center activation and this is often for pay-to-play sex sessions as well as programming and trauma-based mind control. The signs they show and the outward motions and hints are their messages about this situation that they cannot speak directly on.

There is much more to talk about this so click the link to that post in order to read more.


They told me that the events they are setting up for this time now would coincide with my own situation and how I have about until this season changed to make a decision. The cold will ensure that something will have to change.

With this, I have memories of operations that involved the world events currently taking place as well as specific events in the United States.

By this season we will see changes related to the unveiling of hidden knowledge regarding the reality of the deception system, health and spirit, and the cosmic connection of the human soul.

We are looking at changes coming within the change of seasons. This may be as simple as the legalization of cannabis which would change the entire collective psyche’s perception of the authority in their lives. This would also free the deception systems involving health-care and many resources or producers in society. This could also refer to the political system and how deception is becoming more and more apparent in all forms and fronts.

In another view this could also refer to Earth changes although I feel that these changes will be later on. Still, this could refer to what can be called “collective self-awareness” of the people as they see what they are individually and how this influences the whole gaining a transcended view of them selves based on the unveiling of hidden knowledge.

The Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge

I was informed that the entire process is what has been called “The Unveiling” and that this has to do with the knowledge that has been kept hidden for many thousands of years of Humanity’s existence being made public and known by all.

It is claimed that Earth and celestial changes will reinforce this process and accelerate the revelation of the hidden knowledge from within the Human collective.

It is claimed that these events have taken place 5 or 6 times previously and that Humanity has been here for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years, living and experiencing reality.

What people can do is share the information regarding these secret projects and you can take my message to you as a notification that we may have great changes coming within this season and that this may have to do with all systems connected to how society is controlled today.


Changes to Come, Accelerated Awareness