The Unveiling, Ancient Hidden Technology

I have been cloned multiple times and I have seen human technology that makes 4D replication possible as well as technology of an unknown source that works on a 5D or higher level.

There is also technology that quickly ‘teaches’ the brain of a clone the functions and muscle memory that the original had to learn.

Life Generators, Stargates, Artificial Precognition

There are generators that allow one to exist without food. Temporal manipulation devices or systems which can insert knowledge of the future into the present through brainchips. There are stargates and physically tangible ‘porthole’ systems which can connect space and time from one reality through a sub-space into another space and time. There are all kinds of craft that are powered by gravitic drives and there are monitoring systems that can see into space and time at any point and perspective without requiring a camera or recording device.

Underground Bases, Mind Control and Genetic Engineering

There are underground bases where secret operations and experiments take place regarding the hybridization of beings, genetic engineering, cloning, and many kinds of weaponry that people simply wouldn’t understand without movies like “Star Wars” and simulators that people couldn’t comprehend without movies like “The Matrix”.

These bases run 3 miles deep and are used for the development of technology and experimentation as well as entire underground cities for various groups. These are complete cities where people do not have to have contact with surface level humans if they do not want to.

Underground Cities, Cosmic Cycles, The Unveiling

Then there is the concept that while building these underground bases they come upon already constructed underground bases that were either previously manned or still in operation with another race of humans or humanoid beings.

What this may be about is a supposed time of transition that takes place at regular intervals on the Earth. This is a cosmic or celestial event as much as it is about people’s personal transitions into higher consciousness regarding the true nature of the self, awareness and physicality.

The Universe is a spectrum of frequencies that meld together and form planes of awareness or experiences that coalesce into the spiritual body of the Universe which we can call “sub-physical”, “the physical”, and “the etheric” or higher planes. When the cycles of awareness are reached that allow for more and more information regarding more advanced perspectives great changes take place on personal and collective levels. This is based on how many variables the brain can process and attain awareness of at once and we have seen an exponential increase in information and change. When the brain can observe and attain awareness on a level that is more advanced than the current limitations of our society, society then changes. We are participating in one of those great shifts right now, whether we are aware of it or not.

It is claimed that Earth and celestial changes will reinforce this process and accelerate the revelation of the hidden knowledge from within the Human collective.

It is claimed that these events have taken place 5 or 6 times previously and that Humanity has been here for tens to hundreds, if not millions of years, living and experiencing reality. So it’s like someone is playing a game with Humanity, testing Humanity, seeing if Humanity wants to know the truth, and then putting all and every obstacle in everyone’s way in order to simultaneously hold them back.

This is the age where Humanity takes responsibility and control of the past, present and future.

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