Psychological Testing

Hallucinatory Holographic Mind Probing Technology

Through the neural-interface technology the minds of many individuals can sync together to experience the same virtual simulation. Thus a single individual’s mind can be selected for input and the environment will be a construct of their mental activity. The others present will be able to interact with and explore that environment like the person’s mind.

Various training scenarios were utilized to enhance the resistance (or lack which) of the mind to intrusion and subversion. These were harsh but allowed the individual to completely control the energy flow in the conscious mind while remaining in harmony with the subconscious.

In a strange yet perfectly reasonable way, the conscious mind acts as the central “self” in that environment, while the subconscious mind becomes the “background” elements of objects and settings, actors and intentions within the flow of the “scene” itself. So a kind of movie begins with drawn out characteristics and perceptions that match that of a highly cinematic movie or intense dream.

The brain is naturally naive to stimulation and if allowed will liken the event to a dream in which the suspense of attention or lack of lucid self-awareness is “acceptable”.

The truth may be worse than what you’re thinking as far as training simulators and mind hacking devices. The truth may be that the human mind is inherently lucid and self-aware and that it is external influences that cloud the mind into what we consider ‘regular’ dreaming and ‘regular’ waking life. It may be that the conscious mind has a much greater access to information through the subconscious mind which is largely covered up and ignored in a rigidly physical and ego-focused society. As well, it may be that dreams are meant to become lucid and that we are often the subject of mystery in other realms that often refer to humans as ‘sleepwalkers’ that don’t know their dreams are real.

Virtual Simulator Training Scenarios

Combat Simulators


Programming and Resistance to Psychological Trauma.

Developing The Self

Simulations and Learning

Feedback loops with the brain, consciousness, and environment can create a very complex and integrated learning experience that is customized to each individual learner.

Accelerated Mental Functioning

Some of the technological systems were designed to test the enhanced functioning of an accelerated brain.

The mind can be seen as the energetic component of the physical brain. The physical brain projects consciousness via the electro-chemical processes.

The vicious cycle of lower awareness

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