The Heart is The Guiding Force

When one finds the truth they must first look through the dark in order to find the substance.

To be able to see through the dark, one must keep the heart aspect balanced in intentions of mind and being.

The heart remains true to the original cause, throughout the experience of the dark, by simply feeling.

By remaining in that sense of feeling, we are guided by intuition, rather than the external projects of sense which are useless in the dark.

The heart connects to meaning, through feeling and intuition, and so when we do not have the appropriate physically measurable coordinates we can look within and this guides us towards the destination.


9 thoughts on “The Heart is The Guiding Force

    1. Thank you again – I read this hours before spending a weekend journeying with Ayahuasca – this perspective proved vital as I confronted truth / darkness / shadow / illusion / simulations / lessons – my heart (connection to infinite, eternal source) became my anchor as I journeyed into intense experiences – coming out the other side shaken to my core – confronting eventually a “death” of sorts – a dissolve of the impulse to fight and defeat “an external force” – to stand for love and unity amidst a confronting “illusion” of invasive negative intent – I don’t know if I faced a warning of a “future possibility” or perhaps an organic simulation to sort out the intent of my heart – I feel more grounded today as I integrate – THANK YOU. for the lesson to stay heart connected as I confront truth, fears and darkness on my journeys – I have no doubt the lessons have only begun. Blessings


    2. Hello Aug magnesium and hawthorn berry extract ad well as various other thing out there. Cayenne, Dr Mercolas Ubiququinol large bottle. Ubiquinol. Buy that, If we can make GcMAF esily cheaply at home which im looking into with cheap raw materials. Im going to be a GcMAF manufacturer

      . I sent this to Jack Kruse FB just now and the whole implications of this whole GcMAF thing . Can GxMAF be made cheaply simply at home using kefir organisms, olive oil oleic acid, and some kind f vitamin D3 preparation that gets all used to make the GcMAF? Can it be made simply cheaply at home? Could this be where David Noakes went wrong as he made his whole operation helping others too centralised vulnerabe to attack?

      Adam Awake scientist David Noakes like Jack Kruse but coming in from a different angle but converging im sure. How hes about to goto jail at Southwark Crown Court because he saw the GcMAF research and decided to help humanity and until the Mafia closed him down, hed had great success in his labs making cheaply the GcMAF protein our cells immune system manufacture naturally. But vaccines, lack of sunlight, and no doubt other insidious things in the environment have suppressed our natural endogenous GcMAF production. David Noakes whos at trial this week at Southwark Crown Court, had tremendous successes helping all sorts of cancer, autism, MS and other automimmune diseases. GcMAF cheap simple easy replenishment treatment WHAT OUR BODIES NATURALLY MAKE ANYWAY, Can hopefully be made cheaply at home avoiding all the horrible mess entanglements David Noakes is facing now in 2018 facing jail. If GcMAF can be made cheaply at home with oleic olive oil acid , kefit, some kind of fermentation and viramin D3. This will seriously take the GENIE OUT OF THE BOTTLE and expose the bullshit lies going on. The Medical Mafia have severely clamped down on him. David Noakes and colleagues. The question is can GcMAF be made cheaply simply at home. Its possible it can as well as revving up our own bodies production of it. I suspect sunlight on the skin in its amazing non linear quantum fashion , activates us to make GcMAF in our bodies. I think Jack Kruses body of work can synergistically interact dovetail with the GcMAF research. People in norhten latitudes need to do all they can to eliminate nnEMF and use Duracell Black Light bulbs and eliminate artificial blue light and emigrate to the equator. But for those who cant. Making GcMAF in their own homes would surely be a helpful magnificine t step for us all. The link s between GcMAF stimulation in the skin with the non linear effects of sunlight, im interested to find out about. ——————- Anyone prefer not to die of cancer?
      Here’s your chance. There are cures for cancer available but the industry ensures they are suppressed. Now they want David Noakes who produced GCMAF, a suppressed cure, to be sent to jail. The biggest crime you can commit in Britain today is not killing people. It’s the opposite – trying to save peoples’ lives. That is the biggest crime of all according to our government and its agencies like the MHRA. Details described below by Ian Crane.

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    3. Look into the wall of my mind’s eye
      I think I know, but I don’t know why
      The questions are the answers you might need
      Coming in a mess, going out in style
      I ain’t good-looking, but I’m someone’s child
      No one can give me the air that’s mine to breathe
      I met my maker
      I made him cry
      And on my shoulder he asked me why
      His people won’t fly through the storm
      I said, “Listen up man, they don’t even know you’re born”

      Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean? (2016 HD Remaster) – YouTube


  1. Awesome – Awesome post. This is such great advice as we become aware of the “darkness” of the systems that subvert humanity. As a consequence, we will surely confront our own darkness. This short post is profoundly deep in its invitation on how to navigate through these dark moments. I think I need to print this out and place on my mirror. Thank you for this nugget.


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