The Heart is The Guiding Force

When one finds the truth they must first look through the dark in order to find the substance.

To be able to see through the dark, one must keep the heart aspect balanced in intentions of mind and being.

The heart remains true to the original cause, throughout the experience of the dark, by simply feeling.

By remaining in that sense of feeling, we are guided by intuition, rather than the external projects of sense which are useless in the dark.

The heart connects to meaning, through feeling and intuition, and so when we do not have the appropriate physically measurable coordinates we can look within and this guides us towards the destination.



7 thoughts on “The Heart is The Guiding Force

    1. Thank you again – I read this hours before spending a weekend journeying with Ayahuasca – this perspective proved vital as I confronted truth / darkness / shadow / illusion / simulations / lessons – my heart (connection to infinite, eternal source) became my anchor as I journeyed into intense experiences – coming out the other side shaken to my core – confronting eventually a “death” of sorts – a dissolve of the impulse to fight and defeat “an external force” – to stand for love and unity amidst a confronting “illusion” of invasive negative intent – I don’t know if I faced a warning of a “future possibility” or perhaps an organic simulation to sort out the intent of my heart – I feel more grounded today as I integrate – THANK YOU. for the lesson to stay heart connected as I confront truth, fears and darkness on my journeys – I have no doubt the lessons have only begun. Blessings


  1. Awesome – Awesome post. This is such great advice as we become aware of the “darkness” of the systems that subvert humanity. As a consequence, we will surely confront our own darkness. This short post is profoundly deep in its invitation on how to navigate through these dark moments. I think I need to print this out and place on my mirror. Thank you for this nugget.


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