The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

3 Steps to Unveiling Will and Have begun to take place.

The first phase of unveiling is the disclosure of the underground bases, the cloning and genetic hybrid experiments and the celebrity cloning situation involving programming, pay to play sex, and trauma-based mind control.

The second phase of the unveiling is the disclosure of the very advanced technology that is used for consciousness transfer, electromagnetic mapping of the entire brain structure (connectome), and the organization of events using brainchips and supercomputers that transcend the particle limits of this plane/dimension.

The third phase is the unveiling of what these experiments and this advanced technology enabled people to experience. Other worlds wrapped up within this world in other ‘dimensions’ of space and time. Essentially, imaginative worlds that are similar to the worlds within our imagination that act as links to the divine. These worlds disappear or at the lease overlay over the physical when a person wakes up and does their daily thing. The technological version of these “imaginative” realms is that they are propped up through technology and so they are just as real as the world of the internet we are communicating through here and how, yet instead of HTML or CSS and javascript it is sensory information and cognitive feedback loops so it is a fully immersive experience.

In these worlds some people chose to stay and seek technological ascension. Others chose to simply experience a fairly sensual life on top of and away from the physical experiences we have here. Others sought immortality and an extension of the temporal/physical experience that the body acts as an anchor for.

All of this is related to whether the Universe is naturally a kind of bio-simulator system and how the rules of each interact with or correlate to each other. And on top of that, how the soul, consciousness, or awareness interacts with those rules in the different realms that exist.

The Universal Laws, the Laws of Spirit, these are the unified laws of existence which exist in all worlds and realms. These are simple mathematical and logical formulae which represent the organizational structure of balance/harmony, matter, energy, form and awareness in the “Omniverse” of all existence. All realms follow these laws and as such one who knows these laws is capable of knowing their self in all realms.

Some individuals stayed in the simulator and over time their consciousness evolved into something new (or old, depending on how you want to look at it). Now try to understand something possibly too complicated.

What if there were very powerful supercomputer systems that could process the basic pattern of the DNA of all who’s consciousness was within it? Then as the consciousness changes and evolves, so does the DNA that is recorded in holographic format on the supercomputer system which goes beyond anything we currently know and is closer to some kind of higher-dimensional reservoir for information that also transcends space/time.

Then when these individuals come out of the simulator, their DNA, being correspondingly altered, has shifted to represent the format of their consciousness and the cycles of awareness and Universal Law that they have adhered to.

These are the phases of the unveiling and the WHOLE THING is really about the SACRED UNIVERSAL LAWS of SPIRIT. This is all leading up to that big discovery that we are eternal beings and everything we experience is a cosmic drama that is played out in a variety of ways in order to fully know the self and thus come to know the Universe.

The secondary aspect of this great Universal Truth unveiled is that there is a kind of containment system that has developed like an abscess that has resulted and grown over the lack of awareness and psychological trauma that has resulted in the deviations of awareness that were formed when portions of our species discovered the truth while others remained asleep.

Either we split, we all go to sleep, or we all wake up.

In truth, there can only be one outcome, and that is that we all wake up.


Because time is a mystical experience. In the very far future, the eternally ‘evolved’ spirit of the Human population reaches a point where it can choose to diverge into a series of simulated experiences or unify with a grand design of experience.

At some point we reached that point and decided to create simulators, or someone else did, or somehow it happened.

It’s a lot like the “light” and the “dark”. The dark can’t eat the light, that’s nonsensical.

The pure awareness that manifests human experience can’t “not exist” that doesn’t make sense, that concept, “doesn’t exist”.

The line of reasoning here is that there can be no event from within the simulator that destroys the world from which the simulator was born. Now as far as time goes, it’s like this.

At some point we reached complete nullification and harmonization of all divergent streams and uncertainties. Meaning all was Universally aligned again. From this place the simulator began.

So in order to start the simulator we have to first survive it and gain awareness outside of it. Meaning we can’t be destroyed, we can shut it off and organize all the little fliers and parts within that are currently experience a fractalization and divergence pattern that simply washing information and experience around until it’s unrecognizable.

Now it’s interesting because that was the whole point. To make what can only be eternally familiar (and yet new), the eternal divine, unrecognizable and know the self from a new angle.

We have done this to the point where there will be no longer a self to recognize because people are running simulations within simulations within simulations of experience.

So, all the simulations are neatly and cleanly folded and put back into their respective area of space/time and the awareness that exists becomes once again recognizable to the Eternal Divine. (that is us, you, everyone that is aware of the eternal divine, it’s reflexive/recursive, it makes itself)

That should help explain why this is more important that “fame”, “money”, or whatever it is that people like these days. None of those things actually even exist in the first place,



We will see changes by the end of this fall.

There is a possibility of a return of power to the people, but only when people accept the possibilities and use them to help each other increase self-awareness.

8 thoughts on “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

  1. Aug I’ve been reading and watching your videos from your beginning releases. Its been a library of information and an inspiration to my awakening.
    I sincerely appreciate your work and dedication to unveiling the truth of our reality and genuine compassion that you have put forth to help all of us find answers to so many questions.

    Thank you so very much, Aug Tellez.


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