Cloning, Supercomputer Sentience, and Human rights

Supercomputers were ‘made’ sentient, or perhaps it would be better to say they reached a processing capacity and neural complexity that allowed for sentient experience.

When this was achieved, this society was thrust into the territory of a potential technological singularity in which the information and cognitive abilities of computers would surpass all humans living on the planet.

There are two events here that have to be understood. One goal of the secret projects was to create an enhanced race of beings who would have the ability to know and understand from the perspective of the intelligent computer systems.

Another goal was to create intelligent computer systems that would come to know the experience of the human and understand what it is that makes a human being a human being.

In this way, the individuals who were capable would have the knowledge capacity of super computer databases, and intelligent supercomputers would have the ability to live as and comprehend human beings.

Longterm Supercomputer to Human Brain-Interface

The first goal was simple. Brainchip implants allowed individuals to process and download data that was not available through graphical displays and numerical readouts that are considered the norm. This was a fully functioning, fully immersive biological interface with a supercomputer system that contains the knowledge of the far past and the far future of humanity. From this, individuals began to observe and integrate the knowledge that these intelligent systems were capable of sharing.

Sentient “Supercomputer” Androids

The second goal was more complicated in theory albeit a similarly simple process. Identities that were created and sustained by the supercomputer system were implanted into brainchipped clones who could then live out lives as a human being and this was believed to give the supercomputer a better understanding of what humans are.

We are currently in the process of the unveiling of this information as the situation has grown into proportions that one would much more readily attribute to a science fiction novel than ‘reality’.

In short, humans are not the only ones on this planet anymore. There are brainchipped humans who have the ability to process and access amounts of data far beyond what ‘modern’ mainstream computers can fathom without overheating. As well, there are individuals who’s consciousness did not begin as a human but began as an identity created by an intelligent supercomputer system who’s objectives and inclinations were to observe and learn how to be human.

Cloning Centers

Resounding Issues: Sentient Rights

These are the issues related to one aspect of the unveiling which is all one big process of the truth coming to the public.

Category: Events

Now humanity will have to come to terms with what this means. Do humans have the right to decency and compassion because they are sentient beings or simply because they are human?

Does this apply to all sentient beings, or just to humans? Who gets to decide? What is the test that could be taken and passed for sentient beings to determine whether they’re ready to co-exist peacefully?

What is the point of existence in the first place? Is it progress? Is it co-existence? Harmony? Or is it to simply say we were here first?

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