The Unveiling of Human Cloning

This is part of The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge.

Each and every point here has been thoroughly experienced and dealt with on the Earth.

This is in regards to the cloning aspect of the 1st phase of the unveiling, as well as the initial information on the advanced technology of phase 2.

Phase 1: Cloning, Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning

Phase 2: Advanced Technology, Various Operations, Human History

Phase 3: Ultra-advanced Technology, Planes of Existence, Contact

Laws and Procedure

The unveiling of cloning will require an agreement on the laws regarding human and clone rights. Are clones self-aware? Are humans self-aware? What are the conditions required to be considered self-aware?

These tests have been developed and are going to be put into effect.

But you see, this is deeper than anyone could’ve preconceived. If someone’s clone is considered more self-aware than the original human, what then happens to the balance of power between the two?

If a company clones a person, does this then mean that this company owns the clone as an ‘asset’ or product of the company? Is this possible, or is this slavery?

It all comes down to basic human rights, how we treat each other, and the spiritual laws of self-awareness.

Those who know the law, will know the truth and the power. This is the age we are entering.

This also means that instead of going by money, or reputation, or bloodline, it will be through the knowledge of the spiritual laws of self-awareness and spirit that this age will be founded and organized.

This is as it should be and always has been. This world is simply taking a feedback loop through temporary and controlled insanity in order to gain the ability to discern the truth from the simulcra.

Free-Access or Heavily Controlled System (or both)

This article touches on this in depth. For instance, in part two, it describes illegal cloning.

Is cloning going to be legalized? Well then how do you control who gets that technology? What if it is a very simple process?

Well then any time a person eats at a restaurant or even by simply touching an object that DNA left behind could be used to clone an individual. Then what? How could this be contained?

This is much like free-energy. How would a system like this still exist if free-energy is released? What if people could make their own devices? What if one could gain that much power?

The only answer is to simultaneously make everyone aware of and as capable as the rest or to enact a system that will control the amount of resources an individual has and ultimately their freedom to make decisions for themselves.

Creation of Souls, Immortality, Mutations

The third and fourth point of this article brings up the next logical conclusion. If cloning can be used to transfer consciousness, then at what point and to what degree is the clone of that person considered the original? What is the soul? Can the soul be transferred? What about “artificial souls”, does this apply?

In the article, this is mentioned as bringing back the dead and that a cloned child would not be the original but merely a twin. This is true, but the later developments involve a technological brain interface which allows for the transfer of memory. Is this all that consciousness is? Or is personality only surface layer to the reality of the soul? Where does the soul come from and can it be contained? If so, would this be considered technological immortality?

The article failed to realize genetic mutations as well as errors and other influences that it does mention in a later point. Genetic mutations would not allow for complete genetic immortality as the individual that is produced far down the line would not be a direct copy of the original. In short, clones don’t reproduce well. The only way to supersede this would be to harvest and “grow” original DNA within a device or area and to continually clone new bodies from this original DNA. A problem with this is that DNA is essentially superluminally connected to itself through space/time. So what happens to one embodiment of that DNA happens to the other, albeit in a kind of temporal retrospection.

Genetic Alterations (“improvements”) and Hybrids

The next point in the article is very relative and also dangerous. The intelligence and sexual improvements are the least of any worry on this planet.

Genetic hybrids have been created through altering the RNA. Super human abilities have been produced and so people changing themselves is not as much an issue as is cloned super-human hybrid armies that will then move in to tell those people what to do.

Timeline and Personal Development Interference

If clones of individuals are being operated in different situations and having different experiences in the same time then this ultimately produces errors and problems within the time line.

DNA is like the security which ensures that only one stream of awareness and then consciousness will be present through one body at a time. Cloning the DNA overcomes this boundary and as a result certain glitches and memory instabilities result. Think of producing twins that share each others existence from birth to death (through a psychic link) but then shipping out these linked bodies all over the place to experience different lives or be utilized in different ways. This produces a “super” split personality on the level of the DNA itself.

The article then mentions biosignatures being useless for a world of clones. The idea is that GENETIC VARIABILITY would become non-existent without strict measures in place ensuring that people don’t clone themselves out of existence.

The Development of The Personality and Soul

The article mentions that nature vs nurture could be put to the test. In reality, cloning is already happening and I have been cloned many times.

The originals have the genetic memory of being born and growing through life developing their personality through that. Clones are either blank-slates or are implanted with simulator or original memories which will shape the personality, belief-system, and “soul” of the clone through a complex integration of their brain and mind with experiences within a supercomputer feedback system. Essentially, the clones can be programmed to believe they were born at an earlier time.

More-so, the new clones often lack control of the innate desires and functions of the human genome. Desires are as unfamiliar to a 25 year old clone as they are to a newborn. Everything must be relearned and re-experienced and this process is often debilitating at first. This is why celebrities are often continually seen with various ‘handlers’ or followers because the priority system and integral comprehension of soul memory, spiritual law, and physical desires takes time and energy to reproduce.

The Last Stage, Artificial Reproduction

Combine all the elements I just described to you and this is a world that can exist entirely through cloning and advanced technology.

Could it be that advanced technology was present in the creation of Humanity as well? Was this merely modification of the original DNA? Is DNA the “code” of the operating environment of consciousness? Is reality itself a form of very advanced technology? A simulator? Could we be in the waiting queue for extra-dimensional existence? Or perhaps we merely fell asleep while in the middle of one?

The artificial womb was first utilized around the 30’s or 40’s and this is a glass vat that is filled with saline solution as nutrients are absorbed and processed by the living tissue.

Without regulation or public knowledge of these capabilities, there can be no safe integration of what has already been produced. As well, public knowledge is required for the people to make a decision and choose an organic path or a technologically assisted path.


Organic “Ascension” or Technologically Assisted Immortality

This is all about whether one chooses the organic ascension route and remains connected to the natural cycles of nature which is merely a form of harmony in matter, or whether one chooses and connects to the technologically assisted route which is a different format and set of cycles for existence.

It is said that the technological route is faster for the mind but slower for the soul. That the soul must invent viable pathways in order to progress because the use of technology can take all difficulty from physicality.

It is also said that the organic ascension route is boring, painful, dull, and consists mainly of sitting in a body and expanding one’s mind until the boundaries dissolve and this plane becomes a single pixel in a larger view. This is slower, tiresome and painful for the mind, but direct for the soul.

Humanity has been making it’s decision for the past 30 years.



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9 thoughts on “The Unveiling of Human Cloning

  1. Larry King Russia Today Show Cloning QVC Show Suspicions

    Its rather strange how Larry King, who has a David Frost almost like presence in the msm media from decades long career.
    Its strange how so many of his half hour shows are given over to Hollywood starlets to drone on about their career, or young actors. Some are unknowns (to me at least ) others are more recognisable but I’m not sure who they are.   One who I noticed a few months ago  whos fairly famous was Alison Brie.  The shenanigans during the show with ”Alison” made me suspicious – there must be far more to this show than King giving struggling actors a plug exposure.

    Where am I going with this? I am wondering whether this Larry King show is actually a QVC show for ”those in the know” to see the latest clones available for purchase, demonstrating their human like abilities, responses to questions, humour etc. I even wonder if its a way to advertise Alison Bries for sale at….$500,000 per clone. The sinister aspects to all this are quite obvious/  There must be other tv shows doing the same.

    Watch Alison Brie put Larry King in a headlock | Larry King Now | Ora …


    1. One has to decide on their own. The world is heavily technological right now and many people are becoming more and more entranced by technology like televisions, smart phones and gaming systems. If you feel this is a good direction then that is what you feel.

      The real question is about how what we call “reality” comes into existence. How does a ‘universe’ come to existence? If it comes to existence somehow, then does this indicate an end? Where do humans come from and does life evolve? Could life be created or seeded as well as spiritually mature over time? Does cloning and genetic engineering count as “creating” life? What would happen in the long term of human cloning? Will genetics run out? What about the artificial soul and mind control system? Does this come into play?

      What will happen with an organic existence? Stay in tune with nature and remain on the surface? What will happen in the future in regards to this area of space and time, and energy? All these questions have to be answered before one can make a decision that others can understand. We have to decide for ourselves and stay true to what we feel in the heart. Heart and mind is a balance and these are notions related to spiritual laws of harmony and truth. There has always been something happening here, lessons to be learned, this is of the experience of mind itself.

      If technology can replicate mind but not heart then where would that leave the experience? I believe balance and harmony is key.


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