The Dissolution of The Deception System

A Harmonious Resolution

In my experiences with the various elite, wealthy, hidden rulers of society, it was described that  (almost) everyone wants a positive outcome to the situation.

This may be done through a reversal of the material wealth from the “poles” of society so that the trend becomes something else entirely.

Whether or not this is a deception to pacify the people while other changes are prepared for, the same story was given to me and I did my best to confirm everything.

Multiple Factions

One cannot fathom the capabilities of the various secret military factions that have formed via a collective interest in the protection and progression of the Human race.  As well, the situation is similar for those groups who have been consistently working for their own good throughout history. These groups have been creating hybrids and genetically enhanced armies and weapon systems to protect their interests.

This is  truly a precarious situation, not many realize how many of the technologies used could entrance or distraction large populations at once. A system-wide meltdown could occur with technology so powerful people would think they were dreaming.

Dreams, Flashbacks, Operations, Negotiation

A Society of Valuing Knowledge, Truth, Harmony

At this point it is not up to the elite to “hand themselves in”. It is up to the people to stop relying on the deception system for security and purpose. People build their own purpose based on their understanding of true values and knowledge on a soul level. Throughout all of these events this society will be returning to that same understanding of value and knowledge from a new, mature perspective now. This is akin to the maturation of a species into adolescence or early adulthood.

People cannot be “made” to know and come to reason. The lack of harmony that results in the encroaching lack of reason in the world, drives people into seeking the truth. People who have sought the truth internally can assist by helping others come to know how the truth is not found in external systems and avoid continuing the cycle of relying on deception based systems for answers and solutions to problems that it creates.

Examine this continuing depiction of what’s happening behind the scenes. As he said, “if the funds were received, they could do what they want.” It’s as if a game is being played with simple rules and as long as they are abided by anything goes.

As long as people want to know the truth, they will seek the answers. As long as they seek them externally, they will be lied to. As long as they are lied to, they will require the truth. As long as they require the truth they will seek it. Now we are at an age where the people who naturally sought the truth are gaining spiritual prominence over those who are merely following the deception system.

Electromagnetic Control Grids, Division Mindsets, Healing Timeline

A Shift In Awareness

It is at this time that people choose either LIFE (love) or DEATH (hate). Hate recycles and repeats the same system. Love recycles and out of that process constructs a new system which leads to new possibilities. Hate = old system, same or lesser possibilities. Love = new system, more possibilities. It is through this process that levels or steps to higher awareness is formed. The more we choose hate, the more we are faced with the same situations, the same values, and the same repeating variables. The more we let go of the attachment to emotions or mind we move on to something different, and through this the Universe must continually unveil new possibilities and awareness. It is like a simple guidance system for a collective. When the energy is collectively unveiling the extra-dimensional from the energy and mind system, then the previously confining system of the repeating cycles of 3 and 4 dimensional awareness expands into higher awareness.

This is literally like an animal that sheds skin or fur, or finds a new shell, or hibernates and its biology or metabolism shifts. People are capable of having a similar shift or change in experience but it is through this unveiling of the internal knowledge of the soul, spirit, consciousness, and advanced technology that the true history of humanity becomes known. Through this the secret operations and the inner workings of the deception based system are unveiled as well as the simultaneous nullification of that systems power based on it’s loss of power through deception. That is the “Unveiling”, the “dissolution” of the old system.

It was described that this was to be a smooth transition and how the advanced technology could be used to destroy or the create and heal.

It was said that the current commander would step down from his position internally yet remain his outward appearance acting as a figure-head.

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