An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Note: These “sightings” will be unveiled as humanity’s advanced technology projects are unveiled. What I reference is craft that humanity has learned to operate as well as advanced technology which is the beginning of “unveiling” what is truly possible.

Something to look for is “fireball” sightings or technology or energy that appears to be “dripping” like flaming liquid while also moving in controlled maneuvers.

I was informed that the process of unveiling will take place in a specific order as “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge”.

3 Phases of the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

As awareness increases there are factions that will use this to their advantage both for manipulation and increasing the awareness to unveil the hidden knowledge and advanced technology.

More and more events are taking place. We are supposed to have an increase in sightings and anomalies until full-blown electrogravitic craft are witnessed in the atmosphere. This is leading up to “The Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge” which of itself will lead up to a major shift in the awareness of Humanity.

The events will be leading up to a full blown acknowledgement of this technology in the public view. The mainstream media will not be able to ignore or hide what is happening.

This can go both ways depending on the individual’s awareness of the knowledge of the soul and spiritual law.


16 thoughts on “An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

  1. Hi Aug! Just an FYI…:) I saw a low dripping tear drop shaped something or another, as bright as a star, in the daytime about 6 months back. It didn’t move for thr 5 or so minutes I watched it. I thought if that day when I read this post. Much love to you!


  2. I want to stop dreaming and return to Eternal Time. Do I have to wait for the end of The Unveiling , or is this an individual thing that I can choose at any time. Of course I worry about all of my responsibilities, but if I get unplugged, they all just disappear, right?


    1. To do this we personally ascend from one realization level to the next until we are in control of our actions and choices in relation to the true self which is immaterial and connected to soul and spirit.

      When we are no longer programmable by ‘dimensions’ lower than our source of awareness we can gain control of true creative power and express a divine self which perceives beyond the preconceived notions of power and identity.

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  3. There may be an increase in UFO sighting and other phenomena as of late (I have seen some very strange things in my lifetime), but the top two videos are thermodynamic missiles (good explanation here: and the bottom one is a night show of the Golden Knights Parachute Team ( I feel it’s important to be open minded, but also look for logical explanations. Cheers!


      1. Thank you for clarifying. Of course you are free to post whatever you want on your blog, however in terms of credibility, you may wish to stick with legitimate examples of advanced technology. YouTube is rife with videos that are easily explained, however most humans are either too gullible, or close-minded to actually investigate. My motto is to keep an open mind, but not so much that my brain falls out! ;)


        1. All of this is designed to influence your consciousness. There is no such thing as “illegitimate”. Both the illegitimate and the “honest” are part of the same group. It’s all to test to see what you will “buy”.

          Not many people will be able to accept that. This is why the apocalypse is brought forth. But then, would not the human brain also be a form of technology? So where does the technology come from/start? In the brain, or out here? It’s all in the mind, which is not the brain. Out here is where the dreamers are tested to see if they want to return to eternal time. “Technology” was invented for man to see if he was ready to stop dreaming. This first technology was called “time” and “space”. Time and space was invent through the introduction of mind-link scalar wormhole technology.

          Then came sticks and stones. Humanity is backwards, they are looking in a mirror thinking it is reality. In other words, all of it is advanced technology, invented for you, to see if you will “catch on”.

          Just to give you an idea, earlier in the 1900’s it was discovered how frequencies could control the weather. Earlier in history and later in the programs, it was discovered that mentality can do the same thing. There is only a continuation of that same process. There are no rocket ships, no wars, no tv, it’s all in the mind.

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          1. Thank you for such a thoughtful reply. You give much to ponder…

            Is the brain a form technology? Interesting question. I’ve never considered that. I would say the brain is ‘organic’ and that something like a movie projector is ‘technology’, but perhaps ‘organic technology’ is something to consider. I have entertained the idea of ‘synthetic overlays’, such as chakras, but do not let myself get too wrapped in such things. Although my mind enjoys it, I know that what/who I truly am is beyond organic and/or synthetic, original and/or artificial, real and/or illusion so in the end it doesn’t really matter. I feel my mind exists beyond my brain, and that I exist beyond my mind. Do I exist beyond that? Perhaps.

            What you wrote reminded me of a movie I saw a number of years ago; The Thirteenth Floor. Have you seen it?

            I was also reminded of an experience I had 10 years ago or so. Of all the experiences I’ve had, it was probably the most profound, and brings comfort and joy to this day. Perhaps you would be interested? I was riding my bicycle on a quiet coastal road on a sunny California day. I stopped to admire the view… I felt so peaceful and happy in that moment—life was beautiful! I looked over to the plants growing beside me, and saw/sensed the life-force energy within them. With the awe and innocence of a child I said aloud (to the Creator), “Wow, you are everywhere, within everything!” following which I looked out across the ocean and up to the sky, where to my utter amazement—as though written with clouds—were large, capital letters spelling I AM. You can imagine my astonishment! The words dissipated after few minutes, but it was in that moment that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Universe is fully alive and conscious. I’m curious how you would explain such an experience? Would you say it was a projection of my mind and not really real? That everything we experience is just an illusion?


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